Final Project & Reflection

Final Project Overview

As one of the culminating experiences in the Global Option Capstone course, the overall Global Option Program, and for the Brazilian study abroad program I participated in, I had to complete a final essay/paper about a topic that relates my major to my global experiences here at Ohio State. As a Meat Science student here at Ohio State, I have taken many Animal Science and Meat Science classes and have found that most of my interests relate to livestock-meat production and the efficiency, sustainability, and quality of said production. When I was thinking about topics that I may want to research for the Contemporary Issues paper about my Brazil study abroad experience, I immediately knew that I wanted to evaluate the differences in livestock production between the United States and Brazil. Since deciding on that general project topic, the paper evolved into “The Future of Livestock Production: Why Continued Brazilian Government Instability will Hinder Brazil’s Ability to Compete Agriculturally with the United States.” You can access the entire research paper here: Shoemaker AZP Contemporary Issues Paper -1eoze2j.

Above, you will see a Microsoft Sway presentation that outlines how my passion for American agriculture evolved into my passion for global agriculture, how I decided on my paper topic, the general outlined of my paper, what I learned from my paper, and the impact that the Global Option has had on my overall Ohio State education. To summarize, the paper is separated, essentially, into three sections: (1) a discussion of Brazilian and American history, and how those histories have shaped the agricultural sentiment in that respective nation; (2) a discussion, investigation, and comparison between the current systems and levels of livestock/meat production in Brazil and the United States; and, (3) an evaluation of the current political happenings of Brazil in order to determine the competitive edge that Brazil will or will not continue to have with the United States in the future. Overall, it was concluded that the sentiment for Brazilian agriculture, in the past, has been one lacking support and trust, while the sentiment for American agriculture was, in general the opposite. Furthermore, it was found that the two countries are extremely competitive in livestock production on a global level and, even though there are differentiating systems and other factors to consider, the only factor holding back Brazil from being a powerhouse agricultural producer is its government. Lastly, if Brazilian agriculture can continue to operate and succeed under the reigns of an unstable, unsupportive government, it will continue to surpass the U.S. in livestock production–but that is a big ‘if.’


Final Project Reflection

For the final project it was nice to revisit some of the research and global interests I had pursued and completed in the past, and it was nice to be able to relate that topic interest to my general educational and professional view thus far. As a Meat Science major, my passion and career has and will always be in and align with livestock production. I also am someone who is very interested in and passionate about global views and global implications of my field. I truly enjoyed completing this final project because I felt like it was a way for strengthen my understanding of American agriculture and livestock production, but also my understanding of production on a more global scale–which will continue to be useful as I start my career.


Global Option Final Reflection/Accomplishments

By far, the most important experiences I have had while at Ohio State have been those related to my global education. Studying abroad truly changed my life and opened my eyes to the world and to thinking with an open-mind and heart. I have become a better person and more capable professional and better educated student, undoubtedly, because of my study abroad experiences. Additionally, I have the opportunity to take classes at Ohio State that have a global focus, considering important agricultural science topics through a global lens, which has also allowed me to further foster my global-mindedness. The Global Option has been an amazing opportunity for me to showcase everything I have learned and gained through my global academic experiences here at Ohio State. It was a journey to evaluate and consider the ways I have changed due to my global education, and I think the Global Option gave me a much needed opportunity to take stock of where I have come and prepare for all the awesome, global opportunities I could have in the future. Go Bucks!