About Me

Hailey Shoemaker


Education & Resume

  • Projected Degree: B.S. of Agriculture, Meat Science Major, Honors, Research Distinction, Global Option
  • Projected Graduation: May 2019
  • Graduated from Mechanicsburg High School in May 2015
  • To download a copy of my resume, click here: shoemaker resume (cab)-2n3lx0q



My name is Hailey Shoemaker, and I’m currently finishing up my undergraduate education here at THE Ohio State University, trying to figure out what the heck I’m going to do with my life next! I’m from a one-stop light-town called Mechanicsburg, Ohio, and it was first there that I was fortunate enough to uncover my passion for writing, agriculture, learning, and discovering the world. Those passions led me here, to Ohio State, where I have since been pursuing a degree in Meat Science, getting involved in campus, completing research and internships, studying abroad, taking interesting classes, and just plainly diving further into those passions!

I truly believe that the most defining component of my personality, though, is my capacity for hope. One of my favorite quotes is from the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, who says, “People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream.” I hold onto this idea, that at any point in your life you can hope for better, dream for more, or change your path. Always hopeful for the future!


Why I decided to pursue Global Option

As I mentioned, I believe that the most defining characteristic of my personality is my capacity for hope. This also translates to a hope and open-mindedness when it comes to people, too. I pride myself on my open-mindedness and capacity for perspective when it comes to understanding people, learning about people, and hoping for the best in people. On that same note, my global experiences, global-focused courses, and the diverse friend and peer set I have made, taken, or experienced here at Ohio State have further nurtured that mindset: the more I see and learn about the world and people, the more I want to learn and the greater my ability for understanding and appreciation of people and the world.

After my study abroad experiences and global-focused academic experiences through Ohio State, I had developed a passion for learning more about the world and the people in it, a passion for agriculture on the global scale, and a passion for wanting to contribute my knowledge and skills to the global agricultural industry. The Global Option, for me, was a way to showcase these passions and experiences, to challenge myself to dig deeper into the things I have learned, and to serve as a tool in pursuing a career with a global focus.


My Goal for Global Options

In completing my Global Option components, these were my goals for the program:

  1. Gain a greater global appreciation for countries, cultures, and people.
  2. Apply my classroom knowledge and personal experiences to global agriculture, issues, politics, and industries.
  3. Challenge and grow my personal skill sets such as open-mindedness, perspective, adaptability, and communication.
  4. Better identify my best role and fit in the global agricultural industry (and/or other global industries).