Capstone Update #2

After designing a logo, I moved into working on a more cohesive design for STEM EE Scholars social media presence. From researching other programs listed above, they each varied in the usage of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, most without any recent posts, however, all programs had an Instagram account. Thus, I am proposing a more interactive approach to our social media presence particularly on Instagram. I would like to introduce three types of posts that help grow relationships between scholars, posts that encourage interaction with the account from scholars and informational posts, and marketing and recruitment style posts. My goal is to create a cohesive spread of images which draw the attention of potential students, effectively communicate with current scholars and serve as marketing for the program to outside community members. Most importantly, I hope to create an environment in which being a STEM scholar is a place of pride and highlight this through social media presence.

In terms of community building through social media, I propose a 3 pronged approached. The first being, increasing student opinions and interactions with the leadership council. I hope that through polls students will feel that they have more of a “say” and that their opinion matters in the planning of STEM EE events.

Image A2: Example post allowing students to vote of events

Previously a google form had been used to collect survey results, however, it was often convoluted and cluttered. Through the use of Instagram polls, I believe that the opinions of students can be heard through simple questions with two answers. The second way I hope to increase community involvement through social media is through eportfolio spotlights and through scholar of the week programs. The ways I hope to build community among scholars is through increasing the awareness of students of the achievements of one another. I believe that through celebrating the accomplishments of difference scholars community will begin to feel more close knit. This opportunity also doubles as a marketing opportunity in that potentially students would be able to recognize leaders from the STEM scholars program and hopefully in turn see themselves becoming those leaders at Ohio State through this program.

The current use of the social media is mostly towards communication of events with scholars. I hope that this can continue with the new layout and design of the Instagram. These posts allow for current students to stay up to date as well as giving incoming students a better idea of the types of events hosted by STEM scholars program. However,  the addition of a color scheme and a more varied structure will add to the utility of the account.

I also created a series of newsletters to be shared with incoming first year scholars. I added this to my project in response to the impact of COVID-19 in the Spring of 2020. These newsletters are created with the intention of introducing first years to the program, creating community within the first year cohort, and sharing knowledge about transitioning to college. I approached this portion of my project by reaching out to Leadership Council members who aligned with roles focused on community, as well as the 1st year representatives. I then used Canva to create visually appealing newsletters, shown in Appendix F.

Finally, as a scholars program recruitment is difficult, however, I believe that through more creative use of social media accounts the program can continue to attract high caliber scholars students.

Capstone Video Presentation Link

Thank you for coming to my capstone presentation page! I enjoyed this journey and learned a lot along the way.

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Capstone Update #1

As detailed in my methodology, I researched similar organizations logo’s and online presence. More detailed information can be found in Appendix A, however, I will focus on some of the similarities between the Instagram’s of these programs. One of the first noticeable differences is that of all of the programs, Mount Leadership Society Scholars was the only to have a private Instagram. This meant that the program is able to directly control who can see the posts on their account. After reaching out to members of the program, I was able to see more specific posts from the account, this program focus’s their posts on the members of the program – a practice that I believe could help to build a scene of community in the program. In comparison, BDAA focused on posting about upcoming events and Engineering Scholars served as a middle ground, with posts about upcoming events and student spotlights. All of the Organizations I researched are utilizing Instagram as a mode of communication with their students. Some of the posts which were common on these Instagram’s were that of spotlights of students, images of student organizations.

One of my first steps in the methodology was researching the process of making a logo. After reading and watching Youtube videos, I found a process that worked for me. My first step included making mock-ups also known as rough drafts to present to members of the design community. After looking at the online presence of the organizations described above I looked for similarities and differences in their branding or logo. Similarities in the logos were that in the cases of ICE Scholars and BDAA were simplistic and clean logo designs separate from the design from the University for all scholars programs or student organizations. From this research, I have begun the design process, in which the first step was to explore potential designs.

This logo was selected due to it’s simplicity, clarity and ability to be printed. For example, on t-shirts, water bottles and other items that typically distributed to students. This logo communicates the main goals of the program and the program’s name without being overly cluttered or confusing. In addition, I have selected the colors of red and black to mirror the University’s use of scarlet and gray.


My name is Brittany Shine and I am a Data Analytics Major and Computer Science & Engineering dual- major at The Ohio State University. Before I had even stepped foot on Ohio State’s campus for my freshman year, I began researching the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Exploration & Engagement (STEM EE) Scholars Program. I was excited to meet the students whom I hoped would be my classmates and my friends. In my research prior to joining the program, I found that the online presence of the STEM EE Scholars Program was vast in comparison to other scholars programs at Ohio State. The goal of my capstone is to continue to improve upon, modernize and streamline the appearance of the STEM scholars program particularly in its online presence. The program’s appearance online is important in that potential scholars, current scholars and even potential employers of scholars utilize the media online to learn about the program. I hope to utilize this opportunity to grow the awareness of STEM EE Scholars. I have a two-fold approach to this project, focusing first on finding a coherent design including the creation of a logo and plan for social media. Finally, I’m hoping that the social media presence can continue to link students after matriculation from the program.

STEM Current Event

I found an article entitled “Population increases and climate change pint to future US water shortages” from Science Daily. This article summarizes the current uses of water in the United States as well as the long term effects of current water usage levels. The team of researchers looked at ways in which society can best prepare for decreased fresh water availability in the future. Although individuals can decrease their water usage, this is only a small sector of the country’s water use. Some of the most water intensive sectors are agriculture and industry. In hopes to combat water shortages the team considers increasing the size of reserves, however finds this to be doubtful solution.

This article appears to be written in a mostly scientific manor, and thereby is limited in the societal and political impacts of the issues it entails. For example, one suggestion to reduce water usage would be to change the agricultural systems currently in place in favor of more greenhouse and sustainable aquaculture farming. This suggestion would cause the current role of a traditional farmer to become obsolete and favor those with degrees in engineering and science. A change like this would also cause large amounts of land currently used for agriculture to become unused, leaving the question of how society can best utilize its resources. While this is just one example, it demonstrates the difficulties in changing certain aspects of life. While science may suggest that making one decision over another is more sustainable long term, it can be difficult to educate society, combat misinformation and encourage individuals to make changes to their lives for the betterment of those who will come after them.

This article has effects on every individual in society as well as the current ecosystem and biosphere. This article suggests that water shortages may become a pressing issue in the United States during my generation’s lifetime. Water is essential to life and shortages could challenge the ways in which we live our lives. Even in the event that water shortages do not become an issue during my or my peer’s lifetime, we must also must consider the state of our country and environment for those who come after us.

I believe that climate change will continue to become a larger issue for my generation and in the coming years. While political tensions have continued to rise regarding the subject, I believe that as a society we must make climate change a scientific topic instead of a political one. By this I suggest that individuals become more educated on the issues and that politicians speak out regarding how they plan to combat climate change based upon their political affiliations’ beliefs.

Read the article:

Artifact 3

A few weeks ago, I participated in the Honors and Scholars Leadership Summit. This event provided an opportunity for me to learn and grow as a student leader. The first discussion I went to was a presentation regarding event planning for Leadership Teams. This presentation focused on the importance of setting timelines and clear communication regarding expectations between team members. Event planning had initially been a struggle for the STEM leadership team, mostly due to lack of communication. By learning the areas in which we were struggling, the STEM team was able to better prepare and plan for future events.

The next presentation I went to focused on mental health in college. While Ohio State does provide access to resources struggling with mental health, the presenter also discussed how students need to learn how to talk about mental health. As the presenter discussed, those in challenging coursework, such as STEM students, and especially Engineering students, tend to show higher levels of anxiety and depression. Through this discussion, I was encouraged to work to better de-stigmatize mental health issues within the STEM Scholars program and moving forward I would like to plan more events focused on mental health.

Finally, I went to a presentation regarding uses of technology for Leadership Councils. This talk gave me insight to platforms such as slack, When2Meet and uses of Canvas. The discussion following the presentation provided an opportunity to learn about how other Scholars Programs at Ohio State are utilizing technology in their event planning, communication and budgeting. Other student leaders discussed the issue of communication with student program participants, including how to ensure students are receiving all necessary information as well as having the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback to the leadership team. As the STEM LC moves forward, I would like to experiment with new methods of communication such as social media posts and Carmen messages.

Personal Development

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and attended a small private high school. Due to the size and nature of this high school, I had personal relationship with every student in graduating class. Therefore, any classroom I entered, I always knew that I would have someone else in the room. When applying to colleges, I knew that I wanted to attend a large school due to opportunities and resources available. What I did not consider how large of change a big university would be for me.  Through seminar, we discussed mindset; especially in the sense of growth vs. fixed. In the past, I have failed to take full advantage of opportunities for the risk of failure involved. By evaluating and recognizing my fixed mindset, I am able to think more critically. When asking myself why or why not, I find myself remembering the importance of growth mindset. This applies not only academically but also socially. I like to meet new people and like making other people laugh. I find that I have become much more social since beginning college. In part, I believe this is due to the knowledge that I need to be more social in order to meet people and grow relationships. But, I also believe that by recognizing the rationale behind my actions I have challenged myself to become more social by implementing a growth mindset. At the end of the day, the worst that could happen is that I don’t get along with the other person, and that concept no longer scares me, because I recognize the incredible friendships I have formed by just meeting someone new. I hope to continue to expand my circle of friends and build upon relationships such that I begin to know myself and those around me my deeply.

STEM Outreach Club

Image from STEM Outreach Club Website of speaker built during visit.

I have had a passion for community service for as long as I can remember, and involvement within my community has helped me develop into the person I am today. As a member of STEM Enrichment and Engagement scholars, I am required to fulfill a minimum number of community service hours for each semester. For my first semester, I have worked to try a variety of service events and organizations, in hopes of finding one which I feel best fills my wants.
Most recently, I joined STEM Outreach club at Ohio State which provides “hands-on STEM experiences to schools, libraries, after-school programs,” as stated by the organization’s website. I volunteered as a helper in the visit to Columbus Main Branch library to guide students in the making of speakers. This experience allowed me to connect with high school students who were interested in STEM as well as learn leadership skills.
This event challenged me to assist students while also learning the material myself. Before this event, I had not built a speaker before or understand the engineering principles behind a speaker. I asked questions to other volunteers and facilitate communication between volunteers and students. I hope that I can serve as a role model for these students, especially for the female students. I was very fortunate to have a female mentor in a STEM field at their age and recognize how that experience helped me maintain an interest in STEM. I hope that I can ‘pay-it forward’ and serve as a role model for the next generation of females in STEM fields.
One of my favorite parts of the STEM Outreach club is the creativity and variety of projects they bring to students. The speakers were constructed mostly from what otherwise would have been waste and the cost per speaker is less than a dollar. By keeping the costs low, the organization provides opportunities to more students to become involved in STEM while also decreasing waste sent to landfills.

Please visit for more information regarding STEM Outreach Club or to donate.

Learning in Action

Fundraising to send kids to camp for the summer.

Inside the basement of an old brick community building, lies a kitchen and tables surrounded by plastic chairs with bright yellow painted walls and industrial metal ceiling fans. As the home of the Walnut Hills Soup Kitchen, this space transforms three times daily, from empty walls into a community. My parents introduced me to this community, where I would make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and distribute them to guests. For years, my role was static from behind the counter. This all changed when I left my counter role and sat at a table to talk more with the families that had come for a meal that day. I learned that food shortage was only part of the problem. When an individual’s income decreases or suddenly stops, they must redistribute their resources to prioritize necessities. In this action, many individuals will cut back on purchasing personal care items. I left on that Sunday afternoon with a new understanding of the challenages faced by those living in poverty and began to wonder how I could make a difference. I began telling everyone I knew about my experiences and decided to take action. I collected donations for bags of personal care items, filled plastic Easter eggs with candy for children, bags of gifts during the holidays and clothing like socks and gloves for the cold months.

By stepping out of my comfort zone, I learned more in an afternoon than I had in years. I am studying to become an engineer because I hope to better people’s lives. By remembering this experience, I hope to guide my actions as an engineer by placing many focus on those whom I am trying to help.

Filling bags with personal care items and toys for kids.

I continued volunteering at this soup kitchen as well as organizing  personal care drives for its guests. This experience helped me develop as a leader and learner, but also develop skills like tracking expenses, making decisions on what to purchase, determining quantities to be purchased and organizing groups of individuals.

I hope to continue to ask the necessary questions and challenage beliefs held by those around me and myself, in order to guide my decisions and future career.

About Me


For as long as I can remember, I have been baking cookies with my mom. Growing up, questioned the rationale behind the recipe. It was through asking critical questions and preforming experiments to test my questions that I developed a passion for science. As a STEM scholar, I have the opportunity to learn not only through challenging coursework but also through community engagement. As with my experience of baking chocolate chip cookies, learning through action can teach a subject more thoroughly than only traditional classroom learning. Through STEM scholars I have a unique and rare opportunity to foster learning in differing environments. Finally, I  see the opportunities for widespread improvement of daily life through STEM. The ways in which we live in the modern world have been shaped by innovations in STEM fields. I hope to be a part of the community that drives innovation to improve the condition of life for future generations.

I am a majoring in Chemical Engineering and plan to minor in Business. I have multiple experiences in the professional workplace primarily focusing on entrepreneurship and management within s small business. Through my engineering coursework thus far I have developed skills to use Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint, as well as basic knowledge of circuits and toy adaptation. Through continuing my learning process, I will be exposed to coding as well as multiple other skills by the end of my first semester. I also hope to increase my knowledge of business through Big Data and Analytics Association. I am excited to continue coursework at Ohio State as well as extracurricular activities.