Personal Profile

Hello everyone. My name is Shi Zining and you can also call me Jennifer. I’m from Shandong, China. My major is communication. About my interest, I’ve learned drawing and painting including about 8 types of art for over 12 years. I also like watching TV programs and playing badminton. Korean drama Sky Castle is my favorite and I recommend all of you go to watch it. Dancing is my new hobby, but due to the high pressure and new environment of the university, it’s hard to separate attention to join in the dancing club to make progress. Moreover, I’m a fan of BTS, Shawn Mendes, and Camila Cabello.

Before high school, I was studying in local schools. In the year when I was in grade 9, my parents and I decided to study aboard in the U.S. However, there was no high-quality international school for high school students. Then we chose to apply to the international center of one high school in the provincial capital, where is about 2h for driving from my home. The process of preparing to apply to this school was very hard, but finally I succeeded. Unlike normal high school, each class only had about 25 students and all courses were taught in English. At first, it was very hard for me to adapt, at that hard time, I met lots of friends who were willing to help me solve the problems in the academic field. Because I was the eldest student in my class and we were boarding school which means some students couldn’t adapt at first, I took care of my classmates’ daily life like an elder sister.

Taken at graduation ceremony(2019.5.25)

About the reason that I’ve chosen OSU, not only because this is the best university that I’ve applied from all the colleges, but also I heard that OSU is a big family with highly inclusive and has a strong academic atmosphere. I could increase the opportunity for socialization and enhance my academic ability. At the time in OSU, I plan to explore what major I really interested in and discover a suitable major for me in the future. In this way, it can guarantee I would study in the field I prefer and do not waste time. Also, I need to get good grades to return my parents for their support of my education.