Mount Leadership Pin

On the front of my backpack I have a small circular pin which I received during my induction into the Mount Leadership Society Scholars. This pin serves as a reminder of the Mount essentials, the founding principles and values that govern the group. The five Mount essentials are: Honor of Integrity, Being Prepared and Following Through, Creating and Nurturing Relationships, Valuing Individuals, and Willingness to Teach Others. I carry my backpack with me everywhere so the reminder to practice all of these actions is constant. It also gives me the opportunity to share with others the value of being in a scholars program. Through Mount I was able to move in early and begin to build my network and support system at OSU a week before classes started. We are dedicated to community leadership and service and actively participate in the campus community and beyond. I am proud to be a member of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars and I am glad through this pin I can carry this with me.