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This site is my own introduction and the three below are my project did for ESL 1901 class. If you have interests in any of these topics, just feel free to click them in navigation bar.


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Group Project


It is a video working with my group members: Haina Yan and Yue Yin. This video talks about some language issues for international students. Staying far away from our parents, home, familiar circumstance is not an easy thing. If language becomes a problem what should we do?



Photo Reflection Project


What is my future job? It is a question companied people not only in academic life, but also the whole life. According to the Payscale.com, what conclusion will we get?



Plagiarism Project


Plagiarism? ┬áMy friends told me she was confused about what is “plagiarism” because we always used other’s thinking in our daily life, like gravity, light, electromagnetism but we would not cite their author’s name. Can this behavior counted to “plagiarism”?



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