About me


Still for the movie Farewell to My Concubine photo source: movies from wapbike.baidu.com

Still for the movie Farewell to My Concubine photo source: movies from wapbike.baidu.com

Hello, everyone, my name is Siyi Shen. I am a freshman from China and my major is biology. I live in Drackett Tower. My parents live in China with my grandmother. My father is a doctor and my mother is a nurse. My family lives close to my uncles’ and aunts’ home and we usually have meals and go out to play together, so the relationships among my family and my mother’s siblings’ families are intimate and united. I’m interested in listening to various kinds of music, like lyric music, piano music, pop music, and Chinese style music. And I prefer to watch popular movies like Gone with the Wind, Waterloo Bridge, Farewell to My Concubine and so forth. Furthermore, I’m good at playing Guzheng, a Chinese classic instrument. It always pacifies me when I am in an agitated mood. Besides these, I like playing badminton although I am not good at it.



My experiences

I graduated from a public high school in Chengdu China. It is really an awesome city with a variety of palatable food and cozy life. The most interesting experience I have had happened during the time I did the internship in a social
work company last year. That work involved being a volunteer worker. I came up with some activities like making dumplings, having classes about emergency knowledge, and watching shows to lead some old people or workers to undergo different

the authentic kids in their activity room

and diverting experiences from their daily changeless life. This is really meaningful to help others to have delightful life. Another significant experience for me is the experience of looking after some autistic children. I played simple games and talk to them. They are cute and look like normal children. But they cannot act smoothly and cannot reply with our words. We do should pay more attention to such children and help them to gain more care and love, alleviating the condition of those autistic children.



a teaching building of OSU

The reason that I choose OSU is that, first, it is a historical university. So there must be something valuable to learn during the long history of this college. And from all information I collect about OSU, the students and staff are so friendly and accommodating. Thus, I am in a position to have a sense of belongingness and collectiveness even if I am in a totally strange country. I can get rid of aloneness here quickly even if I have to live with people that have different habits or cultures. Actually, most of my families are medical workers. Therefore, under my families’ influences, I am interested in the medical field. So I major in Biology because it related to medical field. Possibly I will attend graduate school refer to biology or medicine.