Forage Focus: Fungal Growth in Stored Forages

In this months episode of Forage Focus, join host Christine Gelley and guest Erika Lyon as they discuss the topic of fungal growth, which can lead to animal health issues revolving around mold in stored forages. With this episode being approximately 50 minutes in length, we have provided an outline with specific time stamps below the video that can be used to find exactly what you may be looking for. Enjoy!

2:33- What is mold?

5:10- Economic Impact of Moldy Feed

8:32- How does mold get into wrapped hay?

14:00- Preventing Mold Growth

18:44- Susceptible Animals

21:00- Symptoms of Toxicity

24:45- Mycotic Abortions

26:35- Concerning Types of Fungi

29:31- Fungi Break Down Nutrients in Feedstuffs

34:12- Reducing Risk & Forage Testing

36:25- When & How to Test for Mycotoxins

40:58- Interpreting Test Results & Actions to Take