Intermediate and Advanced Ohio Sheep Shearing School

Brady Campbell, Program Coordinator, OSU Sheep Team

(Image Source: Lamb Shoppe LLC)

In addition to the annual spring and fall sheep shearing schools sponsored by the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association, Ohio will also be hosting an intermediate and advanced sheep shearing school scheduled for the weekend of July 27th and 28th from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm at the Dave Cable Farm in Hebron, Ohio. As a note, the Ohio State Fair sheep shearing contest will be held on Friday, July 26th beginning at 10:00 am in the sheep barn show arena. Those interested in participating or viewing are encouraged to join!

The school will be led by Doug Rathke, a professional sheep shearer from Minnesota. Doug is recognized both nationally and internationally for his shearing skills as he has represented the USA Shearing Team for the Golden Shears World Sheep Shearing Championships in 1996, 1998, 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010. For more information about Doug and his shearing experiences, check out his page at Lamb Shoppe LLC.

The intermediate and advanced sheep shearing school is intended for those shearers that are searching for additional skills, techniques, and guidance to improve their speed and efficiency of shearing. Over the course of the two day training, shearers will learn how to improve their shearing time by properly positioning the sheep, understanding the importance of shearer footwork, and reducing the number of shearing strokes used per animal. In addition, participants will learn how to sharpen their own combs and cutters as well as be exposed to different exercises that will help them prepare for each shearing event. Participants are expected to bring their own shearing machine (electric or shaft driven).

For those interested in this event, registration is required. Please make your reservations by using this link. Click ‘Register Now’ and fill in the appropriate information. The cost to attend is $175, which includes a meal for both days.

For those with further questions, please feel free to either contact myself or Doug by contacting the Lamb Shoppe at (320) 587-6094 / or by contacting Doug directly at (320) 583-7281 / We look forward to seeing you there. Shear on!

Date: Saturday – Sunday, July 27th – 28th
Address: Dave Cable Farm, 10491 Canal Rd., Hebron, OH 43025