BioWorma® US Launch

BioWorma® Team Press Release

The day is here!

(Image Source: BioWorma® Team)

We are happy to announce that the first shipment of BioWorma® and Livamol® with BioWorma® has now been received and cleared meaning we are now open for business in the U.S. with our first official distributor being Premier 1 Supplies, located in Iowa. We expect to add a number of distributors/suppliers shortly.

We are actively looking for farm re-sellers (Livamol with BioWorma®) and veterinarians (BioWorma®) to supply and support BioWorma®. For further information, please contact

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your interest in BioWorma® and Livamol with BioWorma®. Please advise any questions you have and lets break the worm cycle together with BioWorma® and Livamol with BioWorma®.

Editor’s Note: For those that are interested in more information regarding the BioWorma® products and the fungi (Duddingtonia flagrans) that makes this product work, be sure to check out the additional links listed below.