Year in Review Part 2

After completing my sophomore year in Biological Scholars, I am realizing how much I have grown as a person from freshman year. From making new friends to developing my research, I have continued to strive to experience new things. After presenting at the Denman, I have learned how to present posters at a research forum. Specifically how to convey a message that may be confusing to someone outside your field. I also was able to join Honors & Scholars Programing Board and learn how to organize events for students on campus. While compared to freshman year there were less Biological Scholars gatherings, I was still able to stay in touch with my close friends in scholars and have a great second year. Additionally, through scholars I was able to find out about a Global Brigade trip to Honduras where I gained great clinical experience and learned more about a country I previously had little knowledge about. I plan on continuing to be involved with Biological Scholars and hope to continue to develop as a person at The Ohio State University.


Year in Review

With my time in scholars, I have shown personal growth through gaining many different leadership experiences. Specifically, through joining various student Boards such as the Dinner with Doctors with AED and volunteering at the James Cancer research hospital, I have grown as a leader. During scholars events such as the heart walk, I was able to contribute to my new community and become apart of something larger than myself. When I entered the biological scholar program, I was nervous about joining something so unfamiliar to me. However, after my first semester, I have become more comfortable at OSU and now can call it my home. Not only has my willingness to take action and become a leader improved, but I have also gained beyond what I have expected from the Neuroscience major. My initial expectations completely shifted and allowed me to gain new perspectives regarding scholars. Comparing my experience to others, the scholars community has allowed me to become closer to those in scholars and make the school seem smaller. Reflecting on personal growth allows us to realize how the past has shaped us. Therefore, reflecting on my time here has allowed me to realize how much I have changed. Overall, I have been greatly influence by my time at OSU and have developed as a leader in my community.