Statement of Action

By continuing to commit myself to academic growth and exploration, both inside and outside of the classroom, I will continue to build of my GPA and develop the skills paramount to future success in medical school and further into my career when I become a physician.

Vision Statement

I plan to graduate magna cumme laude in the spring of 2020 while also planning to attend medical the following fall by continuing to immerse myself in academic exploration, studies, and extracurricular activities. I also hope to eventually become published in an accredited research journal with the current work I am doing in Columbus and at Metrohealth.

Trip to Honduras

During the summer of May 2017 I was able to travel to Honduras with Global Brigades. This organization helps set up clinics across rural areas in order to reach populations in need of medical care. From this experience I was able to travel to a country knowing little of the main language, Spanish, and immerse myself in a new culture. I found the people we met to be extremely welcoming and kind. Additionally being able to triage patients and shadow physicians allowed me to gain great clinical experience I would not have been able to have in the United States.

Research Development

Recently this semester, I began in the Department of Surgery lab. While here, I was able to learn many new research techniques under Dr. Subhadip Ghatak in Dr. Sen’s lab. I am planning on continuing this experience next semester and using some of the techniques I learned in the lab I am joining over the summer. Above is my lab notebook pictured.