Year in Review Part 2

After completing my sophomore year in Biological Scholars, I am realizing how much I have grown as a person from freshman year. From making new friends to developing my research, I have continued to strive to experience new things. After presenting at the Denman, I have learned how to present posters at a research forum. Specifically how to convey a message that may be confusing to someone outside your field. I also was able to join Honors & Scholars Programing Board and learn how to organize events for students on campus. While compared to freshman year there were less Biological Scholars gatherings, I was still able to stay in touch with my close friends in scholars and have a great second year. Additionally, through scholars I was able to find out about a Global Brigade trip to Honduras where I gained great clinical experience and learned more about a country I previously had little knowledge about. I plan on continuing to be involved with Biological Scholars and hope to continue to develop as a person at The Ohio State University.


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