Welcome to my Honors and Scholars e-Portfolio page. Over the last two years in the Biological Sciences program I have  been able to achieve so much. On my site I have various experiences from my freshman and sophomore years at Ohio State. From the Heart walk in August 2016 to becoming a chair of Honors and Scholars Programing Board, I have recorded most of my memories here.

I began posting on my e-portfolio about where I came from and then I was able to reflect back on my first year. I wrote some posts on my work with my research in the department of surgery as well as my growth as a leader through R-Lead. I have posted pictures as my artifacts, and detailed my plans for my future career. I have written about how different aspects of my life pertain to the G.O.A.L.S. set by the Honors and Scholars program. Through all of these experiences I feel as though I have grown a lot over the last two years.

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