Year in Review

Not long ago, starry-eyed and freshly graduated from high school, I sat in a chilly auditorium, filled with anxious soon-to-be freshman and their parents, trying to decide which classes I should take to kick off my college career. Already inundated with information about residence halls, student organizations, and navigating campus, I felt a bit as if I were being thrown to the wolves. The one thing I clung to was the knowledge that I’d start my year off as a member of a community: Health Sciences Scholars. Knowing what I know now, I want to thank my high school self for applying to HSS in the first place. I was right to consider HSS a sort of life-raft, as it’s become the source of much of the structure in my college life. From the friends I’ve made, to the informative HSS Seminar, to the built-in motivation to pursue community service, I’m glad to have had a program such as this to ease me into the culture-shock that is a college transition. As a whole, my freshman year has been an excellent opportunity for me to grow and seek out new experiences. I’ve found a major that suits my interests perfectly and leads into a career I’m genuinely excited about, I’ve been able to get involved with student organizations dedicated to worthwhile causes, and, moreover, I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


Following my second year of college, I find that my current sentiments echo those I had a year ago. Once again, Health Sciences Scholars has provided the framework through which I have experienced college. An influential network, HSS has led me, in my second year, to pursue things such as research, working as a peer mentor, being more actively involved in student organizations, and, of course, taking advantage of all that life at Ohio State has to offer. Were I to ask my younger self where I hoped to be at this juncture in my life, I think I could not have imagined it better. Going forward, I hope to maintain the trajectory that these great first two years have set.


Global Awareness: 

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Academic Enrichment: 

Upperclassman Interview –

Over the course of my freshman year, my HSS peer mentor, a second-year named Caroline Conway, has been an invaluable resource to me. As we are both Speech and Hearing Science majors, her advice has provided me with insight into both my academic and professional careers.

Like me, Caroline is interested in pursuing a master’s degree in Speech Pathology. Having already begun preparing for the grad school application process, Caroline shared what she’s looking for in a graduate program (academic focus, location, etc.), how she’s staying organized (primarily through binders and spreadsheets), how to go about the required observation hours (honing networking skills), and more. Additionally, Caroline shared how she’s taken advantage of Health Sciences Scholars, including service events, professional development events, and connections to research opportunities.

Along with all this, Caroline reminded me that it’s important not to stress too much about the future and to find time to relax!

Using this advice, I hope to find a balance in my undergraduate career that will help me achieve my goals for the future.

Leadership Development: 

Over the course of my second year in Health Sciences Scholars, I have made a concentrated effort to grow as a leader. I have aimed to increase my responsibilities in such as manner as that I can determine where my strengths and weaknesses lie, how to improve moving forward, and what this knowledge can tell me about my personal and professional goals. This year, leadership has taken the specific roles of becoming a Peer Mentor for HSS underclassmen, volunteering in a research lab at the Wexner Medical Center, extending my duties in UHAC’s marketing committee to include graphic design/content creation, and being a member of the National Student Speech Hearing and Language Association. Each of these experiences have proven to be invaluable to me and, in the coming years, I hope to push myself to improve even further as a leader.

Service Engagement: 

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in a variety of community service projects. I kicked off the beginning of this year with HSS during  Community Commitment Day as we worked at the Garden of Hope, a garden dedicated to providing cancer patients with wholesome nutrition. Since then, most of my involvement has been through the student organization, Universal Health Aid: Columbus, which strives to improve universal health through preventative medicine, health education, and leadership development. As a member of the marketing committee, I’ve helped to promote UHAC’s biannual free health screenings in addition to volunteering at the screenings themselves and the various other service/fundraising projects the organization does throughout the year. Working through this organization has been extremely rewarding and, in future I hope to continue, if not expand (with this organization and others), my community service involvement.

About Me

My name is Kathleen Sharp, and I’m a first year at The Ohio State University, studying Speech and Hearing Science. Having lived in Columbus for most of my life it seems as though all paths have led me to this point, furthering my academic pursuits as a Buckeye! With the multitude of opportunities that Ohio State, the Health Sciences Scholars, and Columbus have to offer me, I hope to explore the passion that I have found in Speech and Hearing Science, a field that creates a perfect blend of my varied interests. Though currently unsure as to which career path specifically – Speech Language Pathology or Audiology (or some yet undiscovered path) – best suits me, I am excited to see what this year has in store.