Into the Unkowns: How Photography Allowed Me to See

Artist’s Statement:
This video shows the inside of my heart. Never before have I so vulnerably shared my words, pictures, and videos. It contains a yearlong of my image capturing. It shows the beginnings of my photographic journey all the way up to the present time. Along with the visuals is a descriptive narrative of how my world view altered when I quickly saw the world through an exact frame. I hope to convey to my audience that each moment in life has a breath of significance and that photography is a mode by which I have been able to make sense of the world and communicate my thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of the space and people around me. Photography is a form of literacy for many reasons: firstly, it is a learned skill that can take on many forms, functions, and categories; secondly, it has the ability to connect human beings in a way that mirrors if not surpasses spoken and written prose; and thirdly, photography gives meaning to the world and truly requires and enables the photographer to be connected with the scene, landscape, or people of which they are photographing.