To See the World: My Literacy World Map

My literacy map consists of special places, people, and moments of my 20 years living on this beautiful planet and how photography taught me to go about behaving and reacting to my daily encounters. It contains pictures, narratives, and locations that hold a tender place in my heart. It contains remote locations like Costa Rica and Iceland. From the tropical beaches and fresh fruit haven to the arctic circle and glacier lagoons. Immense beauty exists in both locations. I captured them with my frames and my notebooks, and they were experiences that changed the way I viewed the world. From those locations to simple cafes and restaurants in my hometown, my literacy map is a summary of my life and how I’ve chosen to connect with it. Each location has been crucial in my development of understanding how image making and capturing is a form of communication. From the young footballer on the beaches of Limon to the images of my favorite cafe, without a camera in my hand, my experience with those people and memories would have been different. I am understood to be an artist, a creator, and a change maker and my camera allows me to interact with people and experiences that I otherwise would have not had the chance to.