My Team(546A)  – NFLS VEX Robotics Club

Robotics – Robotics covers lots of lifetime in my high school experience. It was my first time to have a chance to learn more about STEM. During that experience, I learned the programming, the structure of robotics, operation, and the method of problem-solving. Besides, it made me have a opportunity to show and improve my leadership. I built a robotics club in my high school. I shared the experience with my teammates, taught the training course, and did the practice weekly as a teaching assistant. Through our effects and persistence, we had a chance to represent our school to attend the VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. These experience make me be crazy about engineering and computer science. Most importantly, as a student manager and a teaching assistant, it makes me have a recognition of education and have some research on STEM/Engineering Education.


University Experience – I am the first generation study aboard, which means that all my family members did not have a experience of studying in the other countries before. I have some ideas about the life here before coming to Ohio State, which comes from my previous traveling experience and my cousin who has already worked in Germany for ten years. However, the life here is completely different from what I imaged. It is nice and comfortable. As an international student, I never regret to study aboard although I sometimes struggle with language or culture. Studying abroad allows me to learn different kinds of culture and make friends all over the world. Mostly importantly, it gives me a chance to study the things I love, which are computer science and engineering. I hope I could have a enjoyable student life in these four years.


Health and Fitness – Health and Fitness has become a important component during my university life. In the past, I never go to the gym to do some exercise. However, I changed my mind after getting into the university. There are more different types of classes and assignment than in the high school. Because of those reasons, my sleeping time decreases and my stress increases. The way I am trying to solve this problem is to go the RPAC to do some exercise. After doing that, I will get more strength and motivation that help me pay attention and improve the efficiency on assignments and study. In this way, it could help me to keep healthy and optimize the day and productivity as well.