Kafe Kerouac Oct.30th,2018

As a HES peer mentor group, we went to the Kafe Kerouac on Oct.30th, 2018. It located at 2250 North High St., Columbus, OH. It is pretty close to the university. Chatting with people in the store and looking around, we had a great time there. This coffee shop is different from the normal one, like Starbuck. It has a great many books, a place for contest or show, and plenties spaces to have a rest or even study. It is a coffee shop which has some history instead of a new one. The gray light is more comfortable for us to calm down in this noisy society. As an international student, I learned some local culture and cafes which are entirely different from my hometown through this short trip. Overall, it is a nice place. I highly recommend my friend to go there to have a short rest and read some books at the weekends.


The Book Loft Nov.17th,2018

As a HES scholar, my peers and I went to the book loft of German Village on Nov.17th, 2018. It located at 631 South Third Street, Columbus. It is not such far away from campus. German Village is a kind of historic neighborhood in Columbus. German immigrants established it in the 19th century. The most straightforward reason for me to choose this place is my cousin and my interest. The book loft is a huge bookstore, and it has 32 rooms of Bargain Books. In there, it has the collections of Disney and Harry Potter, which are my favorite collections. It makes me enjoy reading. The book loft could not only let us learn some culture about German but also read some books to board our horizon. Above all, it is a great and recommended place to go with friends during our free time.

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