Shape Grammar

Using shape overlays and cutouts to show elements and principles.

Perspective Studio Space

Design and creation of personal studio room.

2D to 3D

Different versions of the same 3D shape with physical and structural alterations.

Space and Time Walk

Map of illustrations for your chosen path to anywhere on campus starting at Hayes

Patterning Abstraction

Pattern of abstractions organized in a mandala spiraling template to tell a story or show principles.


Made up word that explained the definition through Illustration.


Personally designed sketchbook from cover to cover with surprise element.


Scene or image created using different layers of grey card stock, emphasizing depth as a key principle.

Dynamic Pages

An abstract visualization of a chosen song, showing multiple strong principles.

Masked Up

Mask made of chosen material in a style and design that represents your handwritten narrative.


A themed chess set where each piece is an object that holds symbolism to the real chess pieces.

Gifting Design

Gift specially designed for a mentor of your discipline.

Bathroom Renovation

Complete renovation of a spare bathroom, all design choices made by me

SP23 Design Portfolio

Museum of Emotion Boutique Hotel Design Boutique Hotel Room Corporate Office Process Corporate Office Design

AU22 Design Portfolio

AU22 Design Portfolio