October 26-28, 2019 Forecast

We made it to Friday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful, productive work week and ready for the OSU versus Wisconsin game tomorrow! Now, we know who is going to win (clearly Ohio State), but our weather will NOT be a winner. Attached is the current satellite picture of around 5:15 PM on Friday, October 25th, 2019 that is depicting a very large synoptic-scale system. In technical terms, there are two storm systems that will merge: one is Tropical Storm Olga, and the other one is over the south-central Great Plains. A merger will occur, and the combined low-pressure system will move upward into the Ohio Valley and bring heavy rain. It is entirely possible that Columbus could have their wettest day tomorrow in nearly 6 months! For those who are going to the OSU game tomorrow, I STRONGLY suggest you to bring any and all of your rain gear as you will be soaked if you leave it at home. GO BUCKEYES!!!! #BEATWISCONSIN!!!

Click the link for the latest forecast: https://u.osu.edu/sgwx/forecast-discussions/


October 5-7, 2019 Forecast

Whew, last week was brutally hot! Columbus broke records for October 1, October 2, and October 3 for daily high temperatures. In addition, Columbus established a new All-time October high temperature of 94°F on October 1! Now, our cold front has passed through central Ohio. Although we did not receive any rainfall, the temperatures dropped over 25°. Also, humidity levels have tanked. As a result, our weather is FANTASTIC! We will continue to experience typical Fall-like temperatures. There is a chance of rain Sunday night into Monday, so let’s hope we receive some rain because we are still very dry. You can view your latest forecast via this link: https://u.osu.edu/sgwx/forecast-discussions/. #It’sTheWeekend!!! #BeatMichiganState #GoBuckeyes #WelcomeFall #CoolerWeather #MidtermSeason

September 28-30 Forecast

Can you believe we have finished our LAST full week of September? Believe it or not, OCTOBER starts on TUESDAY! However, summer-like weather is persisting, and this might actually enter historical levels. For Columbus, our hottest October high temperature ever is 91°F. If our latest thinking continues, and based off our extremely dry soil conditions with the anomalously strong high-pressure system, we could potentially exceed that temperature early and mid-week next week! In terms of rainfall, our chances are still very slim, and this September will be one of our driest Septembers on record. Fun fact: Dayton has only recorded 0.15″ of rain for the ENTIRE month. For a location in Ohio, that does not occur very often as there are many sources of moisture to stream into our area and produce precipitation.

Meanwhile, click on the following link to see your most ACCURATE, RELIABLE forecast: https://u.osu.edu/sgwx/forecast-discussions/. #GoBuckeyes #BeatNebraska #Weekend #ItIsFriday

September 26-27, 2019 Forecast

We are already into Midterm Season, and we are down to the last several days of September! Can you believe October is next week? Also, these temperatures have been anomalously warm with persistent dry conditions. As a matter of fact, several counties in west-central Ohio have been placed into a moderate drought (D1). An update to the drought monitor will be released tomorrow morning. However, will the temperatures cool down, or do we have another hot spell in the forecast? To find out, click the following link to see your latest forecast: https://u.osu.edu/sgwx/forecast-discussions/


September 21-23, 2019 Forecast

What is up, Buckeyes! We start astronomical Autumn on Monday, September 23! However, it is still extremely warm. As a matter of fact, if this warmth continues, numerous Ohio cities might break into the Top 5 warmest Septembers on record! For our latest forecast (9/21-23), click the following link: https://u.osu.edu/sgwx/forecast-discussions/. #HappyFriday #BeatMiami