November 2-4, 2019 Forecast

It is officially FRIDAY! Also, it is the first of NOVEMBER, but it feels more like the first of December. The high temperature for November 1, 2019 at John Glenn International Airport was 44°F with a low temperature of 32°F. Continued cool weather is expected to be the forecast regime. Click the following link for your latest forecast:

Attention then turns to NEXT weekend (November 9-10). Early indications suggest that a very strong trough will plow down into the United States and open the gateway of cold, Canadian air. While the details are still up in the air, early indications point to the strong possibility of high temperatures in the 30s next weekend with low temperatures well down into the 20s. Some rural locations might hit the 10s if the coldest solutions were to verify. Continue to check back with S&G on this developing weather situation over the course of the next several days!

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