3 pm: OSU Composting Facility & ATI PV teaching Array Tour (also, separately, Arboretum Tour)

3 pm – OSU Composting Facility, ATI PV teaching Array, Fred Michel, leader.

The 3 pm tour will be of the OSU Wooster Composting Facility and PV Solar teaching array. Hear about how organics can be recycled to reduce climate change and displace chemical fertilizers made from fossil fuels. This tour will require a long walk or short drive. Rides will be provided as needed. Check with the Green car owners.


Also, at the same time, and separately, the Secrest Arboretum tours will begin at 3 pm. These will be given by Curator Jason Veil. Learn about new developments at the Arboretum including the new Welcome Center and GPS database of all plantings.