The 2020 Green Fair will feature a “hard to recycle” drop off recycling station. The first 200 participants will receive a $3.00 off food coupon that can be used at any of the food vendors during the event!

Recycling will be provided with the help of Sanmandy, Medway, American Paint Recyclers, Best Buy, Lowes, The Stark, Tusc Wayne Solid Waste district and the Wooster Bike Crew.

The following residential materials will be accepted (Commercial, County, Municipal and Township items will not be accepted):

  • Compact Florescent Light bulbs (not tubes)
  • Latex and water based paint in cans (no oil based paints)
  • Bicycles, helmets and locks
  • Household batteries (no car batteries)
  • Confidential documents for shredding (on site shredding by Sanmandy)
  • Electronic and Computer equipment including monitors, computers (desktop & laptop), printers, scanners, hard drives (external or internal), keyboards, mice, speakers, cords & cables, music electronics
  • Ink and toner Cartridges
  • Floppy discs, CDs and DVDs
  • Car tires ($3 per tire) and Truck tires ($8 per tire)
  • Unused/expired prescription drugs, no syringes (will be collected by Medway)*

* Acceptable: prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, residential medication samples, medications for pets, vitamins, inhalers, medicated ointments, lotions, liquid medicine. Not Acceptable: hazardous materials, needles, thermometers, IV bags, aerosol cans, hydrogen peroxide, business waste, or bloody infectious waste. NO SYRINGES. Contact Medway Drug Enforcement for more information: (330)262-0363 or