Own a vehicle powered by electricity, biogas, hydrogen, biodiesel or ethanol? Or a bike?

Then plan to attend the SGGF Cruise-in. Green vehicles include any vehicle with well to wheel  fossil emissions of less than 250 g eqCO2/mile (US average = 410 g eqCO2/mi, see below). A specially designated preferred parking area located directly in front of the Secrest Center will be available for all Green vehicles! Come and go as you like from this location, reservations not required.

Parking for brown vehicles (CO2eq emissions greater than 250 g/mile) will be available in the large Secrest Arboretum lot to the West.

Handicapped parking will be available in front of the Secrest Center.

Tesla vehicle(s) will be available at the Cruise-In for those interested in experiencing the thrill of electric mobility first hand.

Green Car Cruise-In

Will occur on a date to be determined from 10 am to 5 pm, drop in when you like.

OSU Wooster, Secrest Arboretum Center

For info contact: