On April 22 we hosted a webinar on the 50th Earth Day. This webinar was followed by an open discussion via Zoom of how we can address the challenges of climate change in our community.

The Webinar is a compilation of three presentations made for Earth Day 2020 as part of the “Solve Climate by 2030 Teach In” on April 7 and the OSU Environmental Professionals Network Earth Day webinar on April 15. It  features:

Bart Elmore, OSU Professor and member of the OSU Sustainability Institute speaking about the First Earth Day in 1970.

Mark Shanahan, the Principal of New Morning Energy, LLC, who served as Governor Ted Stickland’s Energy Advisor and oversaw Ohio’s Renewable Portfolio Standard establishment speaking on how we can address Climate Change in Ohio.

Ann Baughman, Associate Director at Freshwater Future, who specializes in communicating climate change impacts and building community resilience.

A link to the webinar is here