Why Utah?

The Ohio State University Field Geology course was founded in Ephraim, Utah by Dr. Edmund Spieker in 1947 and today, 73 years later, we still operate a strong program from our Ephraim base.  When Spieker selected Ephraim and Snow College as the location of the Ohio State geology “field station”, he envisioned the site for both a course providing professional training for undergraduates and a base for geological research by graduate students and faculty.  Spieker’s goal to establish a base for research studies has been amply met; this can be attested by the long list of undergraduate and graduate theses and dissertations, as well as journal publications, about the geology of the Sanpete Valley region and beyond in Utah.

The Ohio State University Geology field camp is generously supported by Snow College, as we rely on access to Snow College classrooms, computer labs and offices exercises, computer visualization and computer structural analyses and clerical support.


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