Non Ohio State University Students


This is a list of what a non-Ohio State University student will need to do to be accepted in the program:

  1. Determine your eligibility to attend OSU’s Field Camp.

Syllabi for Mineralogy, Petrology, and Structural Geology need to be evaluated.  Please indicate if you are in the process of completing one or more of the prerequisite classes

Official transcripts need to be evaluated

Letter of recommendation.  Please provide the name and e-mail of your geology undergraduate adviser AND your structural geology professor.  We will contact one of them directly to ask for a letter of recommendation

If you have not successfully completed the above courses prior to the start of Field Camp, then you will not be permitted to enroll in the Field Camp courses at OSU

Please send syllabi and official transcripts to Dr. Cristina Millan (

After all these documents have been reviewed, Dr. Millan will then communicate back to you that you are cleared to apply to Ohio State University as a transient student

The syllabi and official transcripts need to be sent to Dr. Millan no later than January 30th, 2023


  1. Apply to Ohio State University as a transient student (non-degree seeking).

If you are not currently enrolled at The Ohio State University (OSU), you need to attend OSU as a Transient/Visitor student (non-degree seeking)

Your application as a Transient/Visitor student needs to be submitted no later than March 30th, 2023

               Take a short questionnaire to see if you are eligible to apply here

Apply to OSU through the Office of Distance Learning and Education.  Apply here


  1. Once you get the official word from Ohio State that you have been accepted as a Transient/Visitor student

Go to After Admission

Activate your Ohio State username

Log in to Buckeye mail

Complete your Financial Responsibility Statement (log into your My Buckeye Link page and complete and submit the financial responsibility statement in the To Do List)

Register for the Field Camp course (EARTHSC 5189.01 and EARTHSC 5189.02) by calling or e-mailing:

Corinna Owens (
Academic Adviser & Program Coordinator
Ph #: 614-292-1663


  1. Pay University tuition and fees

Tuition and fees for this course are due to Ohio State University on or before May 1st, 2023. **Date subject to change**

To see if you quality for in-state tuition, please take our Residency Questionnaire


  1. Other Expenses

All expenses to be incurred while in Utah during Field Camp (room & board, camping meals, etc.) will be paid separately to The School of Earth Sciences via check

An estimate of other costs for the program are outlined on the Logistics and Costs page of this website under Information (

You will receive information on when and how to do these payments once you have formally registered for the class


  1. After completion of the course

Order transcript to be sent back to your school

Directions on how to order a transcript are found at


Questions about the tuition and fees for the coursework are based on the students’ residence and tables can be found on the Registrar’s website: