Service-Learning Digital Stories

Digital Stories from the Office of Service-Learning

The Office of Service-Learning is working to find creative ways to share our favorite service-learning stories with the community at Ohio State. With thousands of students participating in service-learning every year, we have a lot of stories to tell! Check out the links below to enjoy our digial story archive, and if you have a story to share, let us know!

Service-Learning Stories from the Digital Union

Service-Learning Stories on YouTube

In Fall of 2011, we partnered with Les Tannenbaum and his English 269 course. They interviewed students in current service-learning courses to to ask them why they chose service-learning, and what their course experience was like. Click the videos below to watch, or click the student’s name to be taken offsite. Click the course or project name to learn more about how you can get involved. Thanks to Les and his students for making this possible!

Featured Student: Jillian Wetzel

English 4567: Rhetoric and Community Service

Directed/Produced by: Alyssa Denisk

Featured student: Brittane Britton

The OHIO Project

Directed/Produced by: Zachary Trumpp

Featured Student: Kelly DeVore

 Design 5600S: Design Matters

Directed/Produced by: Eric Mancini

Featured Student: Claire Dolan

The Girls Circle Project

Directed/Produced by: Erin Donnelly

Featured Student: Julianna Paterra

Molecular Genetics 4591S

Directed/Produced by: Anthony Sams

Featured Student: Caitlin Quillen

Edu P&L 2571 and Pay It Forward (formerly ServeCorps)

Directed/Produced by: Samantha Robbins

Featured Student: Meg Stentz

The Girls Circle Project

Directed/Produced by Barbara Grman

Featured Student: Sarah Watzmann

Engineering 4692.01S: Service-Learning in Engineering

Directed/Produced by: Jin Oh

Featured student: Naomi Adaniya

Geography 5200S: Elements of Cartography

Directed/Produced by: Maureen Grady

Digital Stories from Other Sources

Meaghan Brady-Nelson and Art Education 2520S  The Mostly Online Masters Degree program in Art Education focuses on issues for practicing art educators in schools and community settings, and integrates the advantages of a classroom context for reflection. Their website recently highlighted Meaghan Brady Nelson and work with Art Education 252, a course that brings Ohio State students into GEMS Middle School for a service-learning experience.

Elena Foulis: Digital Storytelling and Community Spanish 5689S  An account of OSU’s Digital Storytelling Workshop of Summer 2014 has enhanced projects for students in Spanish 5689S.  The website spotlights Senior Lecturer Elena Foulis and her experinece with students utilizing Digital Story telling to explain the history of Latinos in Ohio.   The course allows for an excellent service learning experience specialized in the Latino community.


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