Request the S-Designation

S-Designation Courses

On May 30, 2007, the Council on Academic Affairs approved the proposal for policies and procedures for listing service-learning courses with an “S” suffix.  This addition makes it easier for students to locate service-learning courses and provides standards for course design across the university.  The S-designation is also used to track and report on service-learning courses across the institution including to the Board of Trustees.  Due to several administrative changes to the course systems over the past few years, there are still many service-learning courses that do not carry the S-suffix.  To help students identify and faculty to promote service-learning courses, we are continuously working with administration and faculty to ensure that service-learning courses get the S-designation.

Why should I apply for the S-designation?

If you plan to develop or already have an existing course that will be taught as a Service-Learning course, you should apply for the S-designation. The S-designation has many advantages for a course, including:

  • Making your classes more visible to students who are interested in service and search for S in the course catalog
  • Allowing us to promote your classes along with the other Service-Learning courses on our website and through other channels
  • Including your course in institutional reporting on Service-Learning and High Impact Practices

All of these further widens your potential to reach out to students who are interested in service, but do not have a class in their discipline that offers it. It’s also a good way to attract new students to your department.

Please note: We are redesigning our course review process to align with the review process being utilized for the new General Education Themes, Integrative Practices courses.  New information will be available soon.  Courses that do not yet carry the S-designation and are submitted for the General Education Themes, Integrative Practices (Service-Learning) do not need to submit any additional documentation for the S-designation.  Courses outside the GE that would like to carry the S-designation should contact in the interim.