Application Process

Application Process

To apply for a service-learning grant, you must submit a complete proposal and S-L Course Grant Application Form. Please review the Application Form for full instructions on the application process. A few notes:

  1. Applications should be submitted as a single PDF document. Please do not submit documents via campus mail or submit multiple file attachments. If you do not follow submission guidelines, your proposal will not be evaluated.
  2. Contact Kelli Bates at the Columbus Metropolitan Library if utilizing the OSU-CML TemplatePlease conduct a preliminary discussion with Kelli about your course and CML’s Homework Help Centers.  She can be reached at
  3. Check out the Grants Tip Sheet.  The Grants Tip Sheet covers important information you need to be successful in our grants program.
  4. Use the checklist on the Application Form to ensure that you are providing all requested documentation.  Incomplete proposals will not be evaluated, so please ensure that you provide everything as requested.
  5. Read the extended descriptions of the sections on the Application Form. These descriptions are available at the Course Development and Enrichment link.
  6. Contact the Office of Service-Learning for technical support and feedback. The Office Service-Learning is here to provide any needed support through your grant application process. We would be happy to discuss your proposal with you and provide feedback. We can also help with technical details, such as the budget or submission process. If you need assistance or have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Proposals are due to by 5:00pm on Tuesday, February 9, 2021.  Late proposals will not be evaluated.

Grant Proposal FAQs

Below are some questions we’ve received about the grants program. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please let us know at

Q. My course doesn’t have a course number/name/syllabus yet. Can I still apply?

A. Yes. We realize that if you are in the process of developing a course, you may not have completed these steps. While we would prefer to have drafts to evaluate your proposal, if you cannot provide them, just be sure to include any information that we could use to evaluate your course content. If you are not sure what to provide, contact the Office of Service-Learning for technical support.

Q. I want my course to be included in the new General Education curriculum.  Where can I find the Expected Learning Outcomes I need to include?

A. ELOs for courses in the new GE can be found here and here.  We strongly encourage instructors to begin thinking about courses for the new GE now for implementation in Autumn 2022.

Q. I am already signed up to attend a Course Development Institute in the near future. Do I still need to attend the service-learning one?

A. Yes. The course development institute for our grantees will have material that is specific to service-learning course development and assessment. Please be aware that we will use an RSVP tool to schedule around time conflicts, and we will make every effort to work with you to ensure that you are able to attend. If you have little to no availability to attend a 20-hour CDI in May or June 2021, please do not apply. Otherwise, please apply and let us know about possible schedule conflicts along with your proposal.

Q. Can I apply for more than one grant per course?

A. No. Our funding limits are designed to ensure that we can provide meaningful funding and support to as many courses as possible. No course may receive more than $4,000 per funding cycle. We encourage you to seek matching funds and other available resources to leverage this amount if necessary, for example the College of Arts and Sciences’ service-learning course support.

Q. What if I want to work with a partner other than the Columbus Metropolitan Library?

A. Our current grant offering is for any service-learning courses, whether they will be utilizing the OSU-CML Service Learning Template or working independently with another community partner.  Please note that funding priority will be given to existing partnerships, so you should begin collaborating with your intended community partner prior to applying for this grant.

Technical Support

Please call 614-247-4339 or e-mail if you have further questions, need assistance with the application process, or would like technical assistance regarding service-learning and community-based learning.