Course Evaluation and Data Tracking Tools

The Office of Service-Learning needs your help to learn about the impact of service-learning on our faculty, staff, and students! We’d like to encourage you to use the following tools when tracking your service-learning data:

Pay it Forward: This is the Ohio Union’s hub for service and volunteerism. In addition to providing a great resource for students looking for volunteer opportunities, it also offers a robust service hours tracking system.  The tracking system is available to all students who use Pay it Forward and allows them to track their service sites, hours spent serving, and also includes weekly reflections for the service completed in one easy-to-use electronic portfolio.  Pay it Forward now has enhanced capabilities to capture course-specific data.   Instructors can utilize this resource as a simple way to track the hours of their students for a Service-Learning course online while also verifying their participation in the program.

Pre- and Post-Course Surveys: The Office of Service-Learning has created two electronic pre- and post-course surveys to help us track student perceptions and attitudes as affected by service-learning. Both surveys are composed of 11 simple questions and are meant to be provided in sequence. We recommend offering the pre-course survey in the first week of class, and the post-course survey in the final week of class. These electronic surveys replace the previous printable PDFs, and are available to every instructor at Ohio State.