Advisors are essential to our mission because they help us connect to the students who are looking for service-learning opportunities.  Advisors may find our service-learning course lists helpful.  This can be navigated by using the Categories menu to the left.

If you are looking for information on how service-learning works at Ohio State, why students benefit from it, and how to find certain kinds of courses, our interactive presentation below is for you.  Click the “Start Prezi” button, and use the directional buttons at the bottom of the frame to navigate the content.

Do you have questions or need more information?  Contact us!  If you or your students are looking for specific details about a service-learning course and the service activities included in a course, the course instructor will be your best contact.  For service-learning study abroad opportunities, the OIA advanced program search page offers an option to limit search results to service-learning programs under the Parameters – Program Features list.