SOCIOL 2211S: Corrections: An Inside-Out Course


Campus: Newark; Marion
Instructor: Angela Bryant; Brenda Chaney
Terms offered: Autumn Semester, Spring Semester


Inside-Out courses  offer an innovative and transformative approach to learning. This experiential-based learning course is composed of various approaches and interdisciplinary modes of inquiry into US models of corrections, including classical debates and contemporary issues. The program brings college students and incarcerated individuals together in a classroom setting to develop a partnership between institutions of higher learning and prison systems nationally .Participants will counter predominant stereotypes and myths held about prisons and prisoners through personal engagement; see crime and justice issues from new perspectives; see themselves as actors in relation to these issues, and consequently as potential agents of social change; gain a positive experience from which to build new ideas about public service and meaningful citizenship; and take part in a grass-roots movement directed at transforming public thought and opinion on mass incarceration.

Though course is repeatable, only one iteration will count for GE credit.
Prereq: Permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 cr hrs. GE service learning course.