ENGLISH 3467S: Issues and Methods in Tutoring Writing


Class Number: 32293 (SP16), 15660 (AU16)
Campus: Columbus
Instructor: Evonne Kay Halasek, Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
Terms offered: Autumn Semester,Spring Semester


Theories and practices in tutoring and writing; explores writing-learning connections and prepares students to work as writing consultants/tutors for individuals and small writing groups.   The aim of this course is to prepare undergraduates to work with writers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.  This class provides a unique opportunity for its members to learn about composition theory and pedagogy, tutoring strategies, and writing center theories and practices in order to put these theories and practices to work in classroom and writing center settings.  Students will apprentice as writing consultants/tutors in the University Writing Center.  Therefore, in addition to our regularly scheduled class time, each person enrolled in this course will spend approximately one hour per week in the Writing Center.



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