Choose Your Path


Step 1: Choose 1 of 2 survey courses

These courses are the starting point of your journey and are designed to give you a foundational understanding of the minor you are about to consume. Understanding the basics of Public Affairs and how science interacts with government process is integral to starting the path into becoming a leader in the public interest.

Step 2: Choose 1 course in a traditional science and technology policy domain

The courses in this section will give you a deeper perspective into one of five science and technology policy domains. Choose a course in either Space Policy, National Security, Energy and Environment, Health, Biomedical, and Biotechnology, or Cyber, Autonomy, Information, and Data Privacy. The course you choose will ignite your passion and give you an understanding of the industry you want to make a difference in. Students can petition to have a relevant course from a traditional science and technology domain, including the domains above, with substantive policy replace this requirement with approval from the assigned minor academic advisor!

Space Policy

National Security Technology Policy

Energy and Environmental Policy

Health, Biomedical, and Biotechnology Policy

Cyber, Autonomy, Information, and Data Privacy

Food and Agriculture Policy


Step 3: Choose 2 Upper-Level Public Affairs Courses

The final step of your journey is to test your skills and refine them in two higher-level courses. Take what you have learned to this point and see what it looks like in a more detailed oriented manner. Choose from courses that will challenge you to understand more nuanced philosophies and courses that can put you in the field and give you the tools to be innovative with the solutions you want to bring to the world.