Welcome to the Science and Engineering in the Public Interest


The world is filled with complex problems that require multiple fields to come together to create viable solutions. One of the biggest intersections of these fields is where the policy world meets science and engineering. The leaders of our world need an understanding of the way these two worlds interact if we are going to create the innovations required to tackle these wicked problems.

That’s where the Science and Engineering in the Public Interest minor helps you fill in the gaps! This minor will help you understand the world of policy and how it effects your field of study. Learn how public health officials inform legislators of the newest innovations and dangers. Learn how the policy surrounding food and water help keep these two foundations of our life running. Even dive into the world of Space Policy and how the global space economy brings new innovations to the forefront of society.

By taking four classes, you will learn the importance of storytelling in your field to gain the understanding of those that make the rules and provide grant funding. You will see how policy can help influence research and how research can bring change in policy.

Help yourself standout by showing that you understand there is a broader context of your field of study. Sign up for classes with many options to fit into your schedule and can help further your professional development and prospects by earning a minor in Science and Engineering in the Public Interest!

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