Environmental Science Majors

Johnathan King

SENR Ambassador

Major: Environmental Science

Specialization: Ecosystem Restoration

Future Career Plans: I would like to work in conservation biology with endangered animals.

Favorite part about OSU/SENR: My favorite part about OSU, is the ability to find your place among 60,000+ students. You get so many opportunities to find an activity that makes you feel at home.

Research: This past summer, I took part in my first research experience. I created a project about mammals and nocturnal birds in the Amazon Basin of Bolivia. I spent 7 weeks in Bolivia completing my project and helping a PhD student with her field work. My project compared the effects of cattle grazing on forest islands in the Beni savanna. I captured the structure differences in these forests, then completed mammal surveys alongside nocturnal bird surveys. This data gave me a good idea on how harmful cattle grazing is on certain endangered species.

Internship: I have interned for Defend Our Future. This group is a non-partisan group committed to making local, state, and federal government responsible in the environmental arena. We call upon or elected representatives to be informed and responsible for the environmental issues they are voting on in office. I spent my time collecting signatures and phone-banking in the office. I got to get creative with making flyers and photographing events.

Study Abroad: I took part in the Iceland: Environment and Natural Resources study abroad this past summer. I got to see how Iceland takes advantage of their renewable resources to supply the country with clean energy. I also learned how the infrastructure is trying to keep up with the soaring tourism industry. Officials must find the balance with protecting the natural beauty of the land while also making it accessible and sustainable with the tourism.


  • President of SENR Ambassadors
  • Research Assistant in the Ecosystem Restoration and Fire Management Lab
  • Trips Coordinator for Mountaineers of OSU
  • Stadium Scholarship Program
  • Residential Advisor for Baker Hall East

 Megan Andreasen


SENR Ambassador

Hometown: Freehold, New Jersey
Major: Environmental Science
Specialization: Water Science

Future Career Plans: I would like to go to graduate school for either oceanography or marine science. From there, I would like to get a job along the east coast working with different ocean ecosystems, and humans’ impact on them.

Favorite part about OSU/SENR: I love the community of both Ohio State and the School of Environment and Natural Resources. Everyone has a common passion for Ohio State, and in SENR, everyone has a passion for making the world a better place through protecting the environment.

Internship: I had an internship this summer with the Delaware River Basin Commission, where I sampled and monitored water quality along the Delaware River. I also spent a week in the upper part of the Delaware River Basin biomonitoring, including techniques like bug counts, velocity measurements, and algae rock scrapping. This was my favorite part because I got to do a lot of hands on sampling, and learned many new techniques.


  • Buckeyethon General Body
  • Delta Zeta Sorority
  • Avid Ohio State football fan

Christina Boehm


SENR Ambassador
Hometown: Aurora, OH
Major: Environmental Science
Specialization: Ecosystem Restoration
Minor: Spanish

Future Career Plans: Hope to graduate with my B.S. in Environmental Science and possibly consider completing a Masters program. Ideally, any job that pertains to my major will be awesome but I’d especially love to work for a government agency or work with a company abroad.

Favorite part about OSU/SENR: My favorite part of SENR is how welcoming the students and faculty are. They really helped to make this huge campus seem a lot smaller. Plus, everyone in this college loves being outside as much as I do!


  • Chair of Community Outreach Branch of GrOSU
  • STEP Green Engineering Scholars

Chelsea Cancino


SENR Ambassador
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Environmental Science
Specialization: Ecosystem Restoration

Future Career Plans: Becoming a Restoration Ecologist

Favorite part about OSU/SENR: SENR is filled with people who enjoy camping as much as I do.

Research: I was a student lab assistant at Stone Lab the entirety of last summer. I got a boating license and lived in a cottage on a private island with some of the coolest people in the world, all while helping maintain a biological field station.


  • Coordinator for the Climate Reality Project
  • ENR Scholars
  • Instructor/Crew Chief/Lifeguard at the RPAC

Samantha Finnerty

SENR Ambassador

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Environmental Science
Specialization: Ecosystem Restoration

Future Career Plans: I would like to eventually do field research and work to conserve fragile and unique ecosystems.

Favorite part about OSU/SENR: My favorite part of OSU/SENR is all of the opportunities that are available to you. No matter what you are looking for, there is group of students and staff that is ready to help you. It really makes you feel welcomed on campus.

Internship: In spring of 2017 I interned with Defend Our Future Ohio. Defend Our future is non-partisan, non-profit organization that helps millennials vocalize their opinions about the environment in the political field. We worked on campus to not only educate students by putting on events about the impacts of climate change but also helped get students more politically involved.


  • STEP
  • Mountaineers of OSU
  • Moneythink OSU

Hailey Hayes

SENR Ambassador
 Long Island, New York

Major: Environmental Science

Specialization: Ecosystem Restoration

Future Career Plans: I would like to further my education and go to graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in ocean conservation or marine biology and continue to do research on marine life and/or climate related impacts on the ocean.

Favorite part about SENR/OSU: My favorite part of life at OSU is getting to live with your best friends! Even my friends that I don’t live with, I still get to see almost everyday. The people at OSU have given me endless support in everything I do and I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by better people(:

Summer Experience: I volunteered with Caretta Research Project in July to gain some hands-on in field research with sea turtles. I stayed in a cabin for a week on an Island about 30 minutes away from Savannah, Georgia. We patrolled the beach at night looking for turtles about to nest, took measurements of the mother, tagged turtles without tags and gave them biopsies for nearby universities and harvested one egg from every nest. If nests were in range for the high tide to wash them, we relocated the nest and put fencing around it to protect it from predators such as birds, hogs, and ghost crabs. By the end of my week, I saw four different loggerhead sea turtles, nine nests, and one nest hatch! It was by far one of the best experiences of my life and I hope I can return next year. Not only did I learn a ton, I was able to enjoy the full experience of nature, and met a few rad people as well!

Other Campus Involvements:

  • President of Students for Recycling
  • Volunteer for Andrea Grottoti’s lab
  • Office Assistant in the Office of Student Life

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