Natural Resource Management

230A major in Natural Resource Management (NRM) promotes an awareness of the connection between environmental systems and the social sciences. Coursework will help students understand how decisions are made regarding the use or protection of natural systems.  In a combination of classroom and hands-on learning, students will gain the knowledge needed to manage human interactions with the natural world in parks and protected areas, natural resource organizations, or agriculture and food systems.


Within the Natural Resource Management major, students may choose 1 of the following 3 specializations in which to focus:

Parks and Recreation- Parks and Recreation play a big role in our society, both to individuals and to ecosystems. Coursework within this specialization describes the many benefits we receive from outdoor recreation and provides the knowledge and skills necessary to manage outdoor recreation areas and recreation users.

Natural Resource Administration and Management- Many organizations nationally and worldwide have been developed to protect and manage the environment. This specialization provides the tools needed to administer and oversee these programs.

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Image of a prescribed fire being used as tool for natural resource management

Sustainable Agriculture- Agriculture and food systems are central to the well-being of society and are vital to the condition of the environment. In this specialization, students will gain knowledge and practical experience in the development of sustainable agriculture.

Potential Careers:

  • Park Ranger (U.S. National Parks)
  • Recreational Planner
  • Land Manager
  • Environmental Educator
  • Urban Food System Analyst
Mt. Washington Snow (2)
Image of snow covered forest                                                            Photo by Alissa Finke

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View Natural Resource Management major requirements here.

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