Research Spotlight-Katie Gorman

Major: Forestry Fisheries Wildlife

Specialization:  Fisheries and Wildlife

Graduation: May, 2019

Research:  Working at the Wilma H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park

Duration: October 2017- Present

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I have been trained in water quality data collection, site maintenance, hydrology, as well as many other tasks necessary for maintaining the Ohio State Wetland Facility. I have most enjoyed learning more about wetland habitat and being involved in site maintenance for such an important research facility on campus. This experience has helped me learn what I want to do with my career and what I am truly passionate about in the realm of fisheries and wildlife.

I got this experience through the connections I have made with SENR staff and by reaching out to staff and faculty working on projects that interested me. I think being connected to the wonderful faculty and staff in SENR is a valuable way to gain new experiences that carry you deeper into your passions.


Internship Spotlight-Hannah Sargel

Major: Environment, Economy, Development, Sustainability

Specialization: Sustainability in Business

Graduation: May, 2018

Internship:  Office Efficiency Coordinator for Northwestern Mutual, located in Grandview Heights.

Duration: May-August 2017

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Ultimately, the responsibilities I had during my internship was studying the current office culture, and work to develop ways that the office could limit their ecological footprint, therefore also lowering their costs. This included but isn’t limited to expanding and monitoring the pre-existing recycling system, conducting in-office surveys, evaluating office supply/ordering decisions, as well as other office-core responsibilities such as leading interactions between clients and our financial representatives.
Having this experience gave me the chance to gain familiarity with business based sustainability initiatives, the office environment, as well as increasing my knowledge of the financial industry. This is the first attempt that Northwestern Mutual has made to study their office footprint, and without a precedent to follow, introducing the concepts of business sustainability to my co-workers was a challenge. However, being able to have a voice in an office setting was an amazing experience, and has increased my professional confidence moving forward applying for full-time offerings.
I was informed of this opportunity through my family. I also know several other OSU students who were interning for the company with a financial representative internship, and decided to take a chance to speak with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company to see if my services/knowledge could bring value to their company. After interviewing, the COO found that this service could be very useful for the office, and accepted me for the position. My advice to students looking for internships is to be bold and confident. Not all sustainability-based internship opportunities are clearly advertised, so reach out to your family, friends, and previous co-workers to voice your skill set and apply, apply, apply!

Internship Spotlight: Andrew Shea

Major: Environment, Economy, Development, Sustainability (Honors) and
Masters in Applied Economics

Specialization: Sustainability in Business

Graduation: December, 2018

Internship:  Energy and Sustainability Intern at Extended Stay America Hotels in Charlotte, NC

Duration: May-August 2017

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I spent a large portion of the internship on energy related projects for Extended Stay’s 620+ hotels. The internship was very facilities based as I worked on countless lighting and water usage related projects aimed at reducing energy and water consumption. This involved a lot of contact with the managers at the individual hotels, troubleshooting and problem solving, survey collection, and inventorying current products in place. All of this work ultimately aimed at installing high efficiency toilets and bulbs in order to reduce utilities costs.

Throughout the internship I worked on developing a sustainability report and strategy for the company. This is something that Extended Stay had not previously looked into. I started by inventorying current sustainable practices that Extended Stay already does. There were a lot more than expected. This was also a great way for me to learn more about the hospitality industry, how it functions, and what possible changes could be made. I compiled my research into a report. The report began by aligning a sustainability strategy with Extended Stay America’s core values. It then went on to explain all of the sustainable practices Extended Stay already participates in. Following that I identified some potential room for improvement. I also created a short 10 page document that was intended to kick-off the sustainability initiative/strategy internally. This document addresses employees and explains the importance of a sustainability strategy, the pillars of that strategy, and the current initiative Extended Stay has already taken. This new sustainability strategy will eventually be featured on the company website as part of the new Community Relations portal.

I learned how to work across departments in a company and communicate with a wide range of professionals. I also learned more about communicating sustainability strategy to people who may be unfamiliar with the term or associated practices. Additionally, I learned about energy management and purchasing.

I found this internship on LinkedIn. I think having a finished LinkedIn profile and using the job search feature has helped me get a lot of internship interviews.


Internship Spotlight- Jane Peuser

Major: Environmental Policy and Decision Making

Specialization: Policy and Governance

Graduation: May, 2020

Internship:  Habitat Resource Intern for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Habitat Conservation in Silver Spring, MD

Duration: May-August 2017

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I have done internships with NOAA before and someone I worked with previously reached out and asked if I was interested in a formal internship relating to policy. I was tasked with collecting updated actions on the Habitat Enterprise Strategic Plan, this project consisted of collecting and organizing data on what NOAA’s Office of Habitat Conservation has accomplished since the inception of the Strategic Plan. I also was able to work with the National Ocean Service’s Marine Debris Program and connected that program to the Habitat Focus Area program, for a future funding competition. The purpose of these tasks was to gather valuable information about the effectiveness of the Strategic Plan and to create a bridge between two different programs within NOAA. I very much enjoyed speaking to all the different programs and people within NOAA, learning about how the federal government functions, and becoming more confident in my abilities. If anyone is interested, formal internship opportunities are available online. They also have multiple programs that provide scholarships and stipends.



Internship Spotlight: Ryan Miller

Major: Natural Resource Management

Specialization:  Parks and Recreation, Sub-specializing in Wildlife and Forestry

Minor: Soil Science

Graduation: December, 2017

Internship:  Habitat and Access Technician for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD)

Duration: May 15 – August 15

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I found out about the opportunity from the Texas A&M Job Board. I applied for a multitude of jobs that I found on there. This one happened to work out for me. I was based out of Saratoga, Wyoming, a small town of roughly 1700 people in the south east to south central portion of the state.

Much of my job revolved around working on WGFD’s Wildlife Habitat Management Areas (WHMA’s) that were comprised of state land, deeded and commissioned land, and BLM land. On the WHMA’s I did a lot of fence line maintenance (splicing fence, fixing fence), fence line construction, irrigation work (working with sub-surface ditch and flood irrigation) which irrigated the WHMA’s meadows for wildlife foraging, general construction work, and general road work using heavy equipment. In addition I was able to get involved with some permitting and other relatable meetings. I did this to see what other kind of opportunities are out there within my field that are outside of Ohio. What I enjoyed most was being able to explore both Wyoming and Colorado in great lengths. I learned a great deal about wildlife management and how much management can differ between areas of the United States.

Recent Graduate Spotlight: Hunter Ardrey

Major: Environmental  Science (ES)
Specialization: Ecological Restoration
Graduated: May 2015

Post Graduation Experience: Internship with MAD Scientist Associates
When: April – November 2015
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In May of 2015 I graduated from the School of Environment and Natural Resources with a B.S. in Environmental Science, specializing in Ecosystem Restoration. And since late April of 2015, I have had the great opportunity of interning at MAD Scientist Associates (MAD), an ecological and wetland consultant company located in Westerville, OH. Where MAD works with individuals to alter or mitigate wetland areas within the laws and regulations already in place and tries to provide ecological assistance throughout Ohio and surrounding states. It is my first “summer job” that is actually directly related to what I went to school for. Before interning at MAD, work had just been about getting money for college; and a big incentive for volunteering in restoration work was for free pizza and cookies. But with my internship at MAD, I can honestly say that I am now gaining the necessary experience to pursue a career in environmental science.

My first task as a seasonal intern was to collect and analyze water samples for a wetland restoration site located in Westerville’s Highlands Park. I and two other interns would start off the week by visiting a beautiful wetland full of a diverse vegetation and wildlife, and collected samples at each of the inflow and outflows. We would then analyze the samples for such things as Phosphate, Nitrate, turbidity, pH, temperature, and conductivity in order to help determine if the restored wetland was actually improving water quality.

Yet this has just been a small part of my internship. There are the fun and exhaustive field days of wetland delineations and determinations, floristic inventories, invasive removal, herbicide application, and extensive woody and plug plantings. There are other days where it is more about engaging with individuals and communities, focusing on environmental education and helping with many volunteer events. While there are also the days where I am in front of a computer all day imputing data or gaining experience with QGIS and ArcMap.

All in all, I am very thankful for my amazing experience at MAD. Everyone at MAD has been great to work with and have been always willing to share their knowledge with me. Knowledge that has already helped career wise as the internship has improved my plant identification enough to now collect seed for a native plant nursery. I highly recommend interning at MAD; or at least to take the wetland ecology course
offered at OSU, which is taught by the founder of MAD, Mark A. Dilley.

Learn more about ENR 5250 Wetland Ecology and Restoration.

Student Spotlight: Alexis Johnson

Alexis_JMajor: Environmental Policy and Decision Making (EPDM)
Specialization: International Issues
Graduation: May 2016

Internship: Farm Credit Mid America
When: Summer 2014 and Summer 2015

My name is Alexis Johnson and I am fourth year student studying Environmental Policy and Decision Making with a minor in African History. I am from Cleveland, OH and when you think of Cleveland, you do not necessarily think environmentally friendly or thoughts of agricultural production do not readily form images in your mind, but if you travel to Cleveland today, signs of urban agriculture welcome you with open arms. These past two summers, I had the opportunity to have an internship with Farm Credit Mid America where I focused on understanding the urban agriculture movement in Cleveland and how Farm Credit could be of assistance. I spent my time meeting with various stakeholders and interviewing urban farmers to better understand the urban market. I quickly became an expert in urban farming and how it is helped to revitalize the City and open the door for people from low income neighborhoods to have access to locally grown fruits and vegetables. Children have a better understanding of where their food comes from, crime has gone down in various neighborhoods that contain community gardens, people understand the importance of eating healthier, and communities are being rebuilt all around the city. This urban farming movement is definitely something to be excited about and I am glad that I had the chance to experience this positivity first hand. Having this internship with Farm Credit Mid America is just one of the many experiences I have had being a student within the School of Environment and Natural Resources. I am thankful to be part of such a community and to continually experience my passion for environmental studies in a variety of ways.

Study Abroad Experience: Alpha Zeta Partners Program of Study
When: Spring Semester 2014- 6 week program
Location: Piracicaba, Brazil

Alexis_2For me studying abroad served as a unique experience that I will always remember during my time at Ohio State and beyond. At the time, OSU was ranked the fourteenth university in the nation to send students on study abroad trips and therefore I knew I came to the right school and would eventually fulfill a dream of traveling outside the U.S. again; his time for a longer and more focused period of time. Little did I know that dream would come true as early as spring semester of my sophomore year. I remember calling my mom and telling her that I would be traveling to Brazil for six weeks to study Brazilian history, economics, governmental policies, and agriculture. We both were really excited and I soon began the process of finding scholarships and talking with the Office of International Affairs on ways to finance my trip. Once the time finally came I felt more than ready to go and set off on an adventure of a lifetime. With nineteen other buckeyes, we dove head first into the Brazilian culture and way of life. Beautiful weather, fresh fruit, and unrecognizable words surrounded us as we made Brazil our home away from home.

Choosing this particular study aboard program allowed me to form lasting friendships with people who shared similar interest in agricultural and environmental issues. Brazil allowed us to explore our interests on a global scale, while helping us develop a closer bond. This bond then allowed us to support and challenge one another to think deeper about agricultural issues.

Alexis3.0Intellectually, I gained knowledge that cannot be taught in classrooms in the United States. To know is to experience. The only way to gain a first-hand experience in the way Brazil handles their agricultural and environmental issues with respect to history and their economy is to travel and learn from well educated people who study and work in the agricultural sector. Furthermore, being able to travel to Brazil has made me a better-rounded individual and has given me an insight on how agricultural processes work in a different country. Having this insight sets me a part in the job market because employers are seeking people who have had out of the country experiences to help influence decisions and give a new perspective on processes, especially in the agriculture industry.

Lastly, I enjoyed my time studying abroad so much in Brazil that I have decided to do it again, this time in a much colder environment. This past spring semester I was selected to participate in Ohio State’s first ever study abroad trip to Antarctica during Winter Break 2015 and I am beyond excited for such an opportunity! Being a student in the School of Environment and Natural Resources has definitely allowed me to explore my passion for environmental studies while stepping out of my comfort zone. Each day weather inside or outside the classroom, I am challenged to think differently about the world around me. I personally do not think I could have gained this much awareness about our environment had not chosen to be a part of the SENR community.



STEP Program
Click HERE to see Alexis’s digital story entitled City Roots, Country Heart, highlighting her STEP Experience during her sophomore year here at OSU!

Study Abroad Spotlight: Brandon Swanzer

Major: Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS)
Specialization: Community Development
Graduation: May 2017

ProgramSustaining Human Societies and the Environment – New Zealand
Location: New Zealand’s South Island
When: May 2015; 3.5 weeks

pic 2

When I first stepped foot on the Ohio State campus as a freshman there were a lot of uncertainties in my life. One thing that was not uncertain, however, was my desire to study abroad. I’ve always had a need for travel in my blood. I’d like to say I traveled the world someday, and I figured I might as well start with one of the countries that has always attracted me the most: New Zealand. As an EEDS major, the program fit perfectly as studying sustainability was the focal point of the program. It was my personal interests, however, that sold me on the program. Anyone that knows me can tell you how much I enjoy hiking, nature, and exploring new places. New Zealand fulfilled all of these criteria and more.
Bungy 1Leading up to the program, I had talked with students that had went on the trip the prior year, so I had an idea of what to expect in terms of New Zealand as a country. I had heard stories of incredible landscapes, exciting activities, and some of the best hiking the world has to offer. And boy were these stories correct. I tried to make the most of my trip, and I’d like to think I got the authentic New Zealand experience. If an activity came up, I always said yes. This led to me having the experience of a lifetime. I got to do the things I expected to do such as visiting the world famous Milford Sound. I got to snorkel with dolphins and visit glaciers. I hiked portions of the Routeburn Track and Abel Tasman Coastal Track, which are two of New Zealand’s Great Walks. I think the greatest experiences, however, were the ones that occurred naturally; experiences such as bungy jumping, playing in quick sand, and making some great friends along the way.

Since we only had 19 students on the trip, we all got to know each other pretty well. Luckily we all got along great which made the trip that much better. My favorite memories from the trip involve these people, from getting lost in Dunedin to hiking Queenstown Hill to stargazing in Te Anau. Everything was made perfect because of these people. It was strange leaving them in the Christchurch Airport as they headed home and I headed for a week long excursion in Australia. Here I had spent a month of my life with these people, and now I’d have to adjust back to a normal life. While I won’t see them
pic 3everyday now, I’m confident that we’ll always be in touch. I consider the people I met some of my best friends now and my New Zealand experience would not have been the same without them. It’s funny, we go to a school that is so large that sometimes it takes going halfway around the world to become friends with people that live on the same campus as you.

I am grateful everyday that I had the opportunity to study in New Zealand. Being a member on this trip and being in SENR in general was a great life choice that I will not be regretting anytime soon. SENR not only gave me the chance to travel to a country that I had always wanted to visit, but also gave me an opportunity to study what I enjoy while being there. Some people go their whole life without leaving their home country which is something I cannot fathom. We live in a huge world with many unique landscapes and extraordinary cultures, and I won’t settle for the status quo of staying within the boundaries of the US. I want to see it all. This was the first time I had been outside of North America but it certainly will not be the last. How can it be? I still have five more continents to see.

pic 4

pic 5

Study Abroad Spotlight: Destiny Allen

Destiny1Major: Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS)                                   
Specialization: International Development
Graduation: December 2015

Program: Scholarship Study Abroad Opportunity– International Field Studies (IFS).
Location: Bahamas, Andros Island
When: Summer 2014, 7 days

SENR gave me a tremendous opportunity to study abroad! I became an EEDS major specializing in international development with the sole purpose of joining the Peace Corps when I graduate. The opportunity to participate in an international environmental education experience with International Field Studies Inc. gave me the hands on experience working with the environment and local communities that I will need in the Peace Corps.

The EEDS major program was lucky to obtain a generous study abroad scholarship to the Bahamas. I was one of the two students chosen to go on this amazing trip. I was so excited when I got the email from Dr. Drobny saying congratulations, that I ran out of my office in Thompson Library where I work and I called my parents jumping up and down racing all over the Oval because I could not at all contain my excitement. Everything for this trip was paid for except my passport, which is a great investment anyway. No one in my family had owned a passport let alone leave the country; I was the first! Receiving this scholarship was the best thing that could have ever happened to me because I could never afford to go on a study abroad trip and there are a lot of students that cannot as well.

destiny3My mom came all the way to Columbus from Cincinnati to take me to the airport even as I insisted I would just take COTA (local public transportation), but it was my very first time on a plane and she was determined to see me off. My plane left at 7am and after a few layovers I finally landed in Ft. Lauderdale and from there I met up with the other student going on the trip and we took a small plane to Andros Island. This place was amazing! It was sweltering hot! I sweat the entire time I stayed there but I loved every single second of it. Andros Island is as the locals call it “the most undeveloped island of the Bahamas”. A lot of people have limited access to electricity and running water. There is freshwater available on the island in the form of blue holes. Trash is a huge environmental issue for the residents of Andros for when you’re on an island, you tend to run of places for landfill. The people who lived here were welcoming, funny, and interesting to talk to. One person who still, a year later, sticks in my mind is the lady who owns the “Love at First Sight” hotel and bar. She left Andros in search of more work in Nassau, the tourist area of the Bahamas but 14 years later she returned to Andros and opened up her hotel. The other student and I visited her one day and she so graciously gave us sugar bananas from her yard.

destiny2            I did so many activities on Andros which gave me life experiences and taught me more about our global environment. I snorkeled in coral reefs for five of the eight days with sharks, barracudas, sea turtles, and an octopus. I learned so much about tropical ecosystems which was refreshing since here in Ohio we typically learn about freshwater. One time our boat got caught in a tropical storm and we had to find refuge on a tiny key in the middle of the sea. That was a spectacular view! I met with The Bahamas equivalent of Environmental Protection Agency. They informed me of their plans for reducing ocean trash and conserving shark species. I jumped 20 feet off a bridge into a river that ran to the ocean and I snorkeled blue holes and the Tongue of the Ocean. I was sad to leave the island but I know I will travel abroad again someday. I had an incredible time on Andros Island and I would not have been so lucky if I were not a student in Ohio State’s SENR.

Study Abroad/ Internship Spotlight: Grace Poling

312482_10200576099791560_202948942_nMajor: Environmental Science (ES)
Specialization: Ecosystem Restoration
Graduation: May 2015

Program: Alpha Zeta Partners-Brazil
Location: Piracicaba, Brazil
When: Fall 2012

Grace Poling had the amazing opportunity to travel to Brazil with Aloha Zeta Partners. Students attend classes at the branch campus of University of Sao Paulo, ESALQ, in Piracicaba, Brazil. In Piracicaba, the students also stay with a host family for a weekend and meet with them periodically throughout the trip. When not in classes, the students go on tours throughout the country including a 9-day bus tour through several regions of Brazil. The students also have time to relax and participate in fun activities such as white water rafting, snorkeling, samba dancing, sightseeing and hiking.

148346_10200575821904613_1202918340_nDuring an interview, Grace said that she applied for this program in early February in 2012. At the time she knew the experience would be amazing, but she was blown away at how is shaped the rest of her time at OSU and her confidence after going through this program. Grace took four seminars to prepare for this program. The biggest take aways were the gains she made in leadership, she was able to discover her own leadership style while getting to know the other 20 participants. Diversity was also a large topic. They learned both about diversity in the US and about Brazil as a whole. They traveled to a Mosque, talked to veterans, discussed the LGBT community. Every year these experiences change. After her amazing six weeks in Brazil the participants had the opportunity to travel to DC, the US capital, the following spring break in order to compare the US and Brazilian Governments and agencies. Grace was also able to network with the US EPA during her time in DC.

Internship: Marathon Petroleum Company
Location: Findley, Ohio and Texas City, Texas
When: Summer 2013 and Summer 2014.

11053168_10206974658354553_7098224952269460108_nGrace also had the amazing experience to work for Marathon for two summers as an intern. This position required skills and had a high level of responsibility. Grace said this was a good job experience and that the company respected her as they taught her about environmental policy and the refining process.  Grace worked on organizing large amounts of data in the Finley Ohio location, mainly product tank data, and documents for the company. A typical day consisted of a morning meeting with her mentor, some desk work, making documents, etc. She also was able to work on the main project figures looking to figure out how to best deal with algae   booms in retention ponds at a pipeline terminal. For this she researched aeration mechanisms, manual removal, and chemical options.

During her time in the Texas refinery, Grace worked on the computer and researched on how to create policy documents for the refinery to use. Some examples include, PPR Permit by rule for a sand blazing facility, which is for an EPA permit for smaller areas that need to meet standards. Grace also went out into the refinery to sniff the sulfur units to see how much sulfur was escaping from the machinery. She would Communicate with the facilities monitoring team at meetings regarding her results. Grace Highlighted that there is a lot of environmental work in large companies, such as Marathon, because of the strict environmental protections that are in place along with the fact that most companies like this are investing a lot of time and money to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Her biggest take away: “You learn so much on the job, work isn’t always easy, but it is attainable. It takes the effort to see results”.

Grace has recently graduated from The Ohio State University and plans to go right into work with Marathon as a Health, Environmental, and Safely Professional at one of the refineries. This large company has opened many doors for her and has given her the real work skills that make her a very large competitor in the job field.
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