SUSTAINS Learning Community Spotlight: Carolyn Voigt

Major: Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS)
SpecializationInternational Development
Graduation: May 2018
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Entering OSU as an out-of-state student was a daunting experience, but being enrolled in the School of Environment and Natural Resources has truly made my freshman year remarkable! The small size of the school relative to the university has been vital in providing me the chance to meet and interact with administrators, faculty, and other students that I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to engage with in a larger school.Being part of SENR has also given me the opportunity to network far beyond what I thought possible as a freshman by encouraging students to reach out and really challenge themselves in becoming involved in what excites their passion. In my case-I have been busy this semester in assisting an environmental economics grad student with research- fulfilling my goal to learn and become involved in a professional research environment-and I’m ecstatic to be traveling to New Zealand this May to study abroad in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Carolyn and Gina, the SUSTAINS LC Coordinator
Carolyn and Gina, the SUSTAINS LC Coordinator

Moreover, the small-size of SENR has been further reflected in my learning community, SUSTAINS, which in particular has been paramount to my happiness and success in my first year of college. Our small and tight-knit group has had the most amazing opportunities, all provided by our wonderful adviser Gina Hnytka, who has always been so passionate in finding the most interesting and fun activities and speakers to interact with our community! From speaking to esteemed faculty to touring the Byrd Polar Research Center, we are always surrounded by the opportunity to not only learn as students, but also to participate in the local community and to grow as leaders in the university. The Byrd Polar Research Center was an absolutely incredible experience as we were able to tour the facility, but also to travel into the facility’s -20 degree Fahrenheit freezer that holds all of their ice cores from glaciers around the world, even from Mt. Kilimanjaro! Where else is it possible to see ice cores billions of years old?! I can’t encourage new freshman enough to challenge themselves in becoming involved with all the SENR has to offer!