Internship Spotlight-Hannah Sargel

Major: Environment, Economy, Development, Sustainability

Specialization: Sustainability in Business

Graduation: May, 2018

Internship:  Office Efficiency Coordinator for Northwestern Mutual, located in Grandview Heights.

Duration: May-August 2017

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Ultimately, the responsibilities I had during my internship was studying the current office culture, and work to develop ways that the office could limit their ecological footprint, therefore also lowering their costs. This included but isn’t limited to expanding and monitoring the pre-existing recycling system, conducting in-office surveys, evaluating office supply/ordering decisions, as well as other office-core responsibilities such as leading interactions between clients and our financial representatives.
Having this experience gave me the chance to gain familiarity with business based sustainability initiatives, the office environment, as well as increasing my knowledge of the financial industry. This is the first attempt that Northwestern Mutual has made to study their office footprint, and without a precedent to follow, introducing the concepts of business sustainability to my co-workers was a challenge. However, being able to have a voice in an office setting was an amazing experience, and has increased my professional confidence moving forward applying for full-time offerings.
I was informed of this opportunity through my family. I also know several other OSU students who were interning for the company with a financial representative internship, and decided to take a chance to speak with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company to see if my services/knowledge could bring value to their company. After interviewing, the COO found that this service could be very useful for the office, and accepted me for the position. My advice to students looking for internships is to be bold and confident. Not all sustainability-based internship opportunities are clearly advertised, so reach out to your family, friends, and previous co-workers to voice your skill set and apply, apply, apply!

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