Internship Experience: Taylor Faecher

 Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability

Sustainability in Business

Graduation: 2016

Experience: Renergy Inc.

Duration: May 3rd-August 8th; Now full time

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I found out about Renergy through the OSU Environmental and Sustainability career fair! 3 pieces of advice for students looking to find internships and jobs. 1) Understand the transferrable skills that you are developing in your projects/work experience and be able to articulate that in your resume/interview. For example, I did independent research with a professor and used this experience to highlight my skills in project management, written communication, and research capabilities. You have to analyze yourself and what you are doing before others can analyze you. 2) Before career fairs, do your homework! Know what companies, or organizations, you are trying to talk to and hit them 3rd or 4th. Get the nerves out of the way with your 1st company. The 2nd company you talk to try and solidify your introduction/elevator pitch. The 3rd, and thus every company after, should be the internship you want! Renergy was the 3rd company I talked to and it worked out great! 3) Follow up, follow up, follow up! I cannot stress this enough. Do not wait longer than a week!

My responsibilities during the internship ranged from EH&S, finding funding opportunities, business development, and other miscellaneous duties that Renergy needed to accomplish. I worked on OEPA reporting requirements, did a lot of data management for our beneficial reuse side of the business, and helped to secure additional funding through government programs, just to name a few tasks I was responsible for. The work was broad and informative. Being able to adapt, stay organized, and prioritize tasks were essential skills in the success of my internship. Now I’m the Environmental Compliance Specialist with Renergy and am excited about what the future holds for this company!

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