Internship Spotlight: Jamie Westhoven

Major: Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS)jamie   Specialization: Sustainability and Business     Graduation: May 2015

Internship: Ohio Interfaith Power and Light. Columbus, Ohio                                       September 2014-December 2014                 Click Here For More Information

I heard of the Sustainability Intern position with Ohio Interfaith Power and Light through The School of Environment and Natural Resources. Immediately, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. This program pairs a student intern with a host community who is interested in adopting more sustainable practices. In my case, I was paired with a large Lutheran Church located in Dublin, Ohio. After running an energy audit, I worked with the building manager to analyze the audit report, develop a green business plan, and find funding to implement new energy conservation measures. In addition, I worked to create an photoeducation and outreach program to educate the local community. We discussed many important topics such as: energy conservation, global warming, carbon footprint, recycling, pollution, and GHG emissions. Overall, this was an excellent experience. I got to apply the knowledge I have learned through the EEDS program in a real world setting while making a huge impact on my host community.


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