Breakout on the big stage!!

What’s up in Arabic is keif al Hal. “Why is that important?” you may ask. It’s because it was the movie’s first original Arabic title. This movie came out in 2006 a significant time where the art and electronics were rapidly growing.This was the first ever movie made in Saudi Arabia. This movie is directed by Izidore Musallam, it also features the firstSaudi actress in cinema Hind Mohamed. This movie is about a brother and a sister. The sister isn’t shy and modern when it comes to romance and her brother is more traditional and wants to find love for her. This film was controversial at the time the movie came out. Saudi Arabia had restrictions on cinemas so they couldn’t watch it. This movie divided people.

The young generation who wants to accept modernization and the old heads who want tradition and continuity in religion and culture.And I’m not the only one who seems to think that. I also agree with Salah Fareed whois an author for Arab News said “Keif Al Hal is a comedy-drama depicting the tension between moderates and conservatives in the Kingdom and the conflict experienced by the young as they try to embrace globalization.” This movie also shows how little to no freedom Sahar has, Sahar being the leading actress in the film when her brother starts making almost all the decisions for her and also worries that she is having a secret relationship. This is also showing that modern vs traditional conflict.

Although this movie is controversial this movie is within the range of how Arab culture sends a message to their audience through media, poetry literature and films.This film using scenes to send out the message that young people can move forward and be entertained just like other young people in other nations. Prince Walid Bin Talal says “I want to tell the Arab youth that they can watch movies and also have the right to listen to music.”

This movie is a great example of what we learned in class about the arab culture where they use comedy or jokes to avoid controversy while also sending a message that it’s time to move on and change. This is a comedy drama with a hint of romance.The arab culture tremendously keeps progressing into a more accepting world of both the young adults and the older generation coexisting there was a time where Saudi female athletes weren’t allowed six years after this movie came out in 2012 there was one. And in 2018 it was the first time Saudi Arabia issued women driving licenses.Surely Saudi Arabia or even the arab culture is progressing.Whether it’s theatrically or women being allowed to have more of the rights they deserve.


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