Volume 63, Number 2 (Summer 2019)

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  • Yuri Leving: The Pleasures of Philology




  • Bob Blaisdell: The “Almost Nothing” That “Signifies Everything”: The Life and Work of Jozef Czapski


  • Anna Bonola and Giovanni Maddalena, eds. Vasily Grossman: A Writer’s Freedom. (Barry P. Scherr)
  • Adam Michnik and Agnieszka Marczyk, eds. Against Anti-Semitism: An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Polish Writings. (Siobhan Doucette)
  • Irena R. Makaryk. April in Paris: Theatricality, Modernism, and Politics at the 1925 Art Deco Expo. (Tara M. Wheelwright)
  • Riccardo Nicolosi and Anne Hartmann, eds. Born to be Criminal: The Discourse on Criminality and the Practice of Punishment in Late Imperial Russia and Early Soviet Union. Interdisciplinary Approaches. (Frederick H. White)
  • Cathy Caridi. Making Martyrs East & West: Canonization in the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches. (Denis Crnković)
  • László Borhi. Dealing with Dictators: The United States, Hungary, and East Central Europe, 1942-1989. (Aleksandra Pomiecko)
  • Maritta Schmücker-Breloer. Eschatologische Apokryphen in der russischen handschriftlichen Tradition. Epistolija o nedele, Choždenie Bogorodicy po mukam, Son Bogorodicy, Skazanie o dvenadcati pjatnicach, Edition, Untersuchung, ikonographische Parallelen. (Gail Lenhoff)
  • Galya Diment, Gerri Kimber, and Todd Martin, eds. Katherine Mansfield and Russia. (Hilah Kohen)
  • Pavel Chepyzhov. New Georgian Book Design, 1920s–30s/Novyi gruzinskii knizhnyi dizain 1920-kh-1930-kh godov. (John E. Bowlt)
  • Bella Grigoryan. Noble Subjects: The Russian Novel and the Gentry, 1762–1861. (Anastasiya S. Lystsova)
  • Amy Bryzgel. Performance Art in Eastern Europe since 1960. (Yelena Severina)
  • Bruno Schulz. Bruno Schulz, Collected Stories. (Katarzyna Zechenter)
  • Rebecca Reich. State of Madness: Psychiatry, Literature, and Dissent after Stalin. (Emily D. Johnson)
  • Janine Holc. The Politics of Trauma and Memory Activism: Polish-Jewish Relations Today. (Halina Filipowicz)
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. March 1917: The Red Wheel, Node III (8 March31 March), Book 1. (Anna Arkatova)
  • Marina Kostalevsky, ed. The Tchaikovsky Papers: Unlocking the Family Archive. (John Pendergast)
  • Lilya Kaganovsky. The Voice of Technology: Soviet Cinema’s Transition to Sound, 1928-1935. (Raymond Deluca)
  • Madina Tlostanova. What does it Mean to be Post-Soviet? Decolonial Art from the Ruins of the Soviet Empire. (Bradley A. Gorski)