Volume 62, Number 3 (Fall 2018)

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Twenty Years after Chapaev and the Void: Viktor Pelevin, Then and Now



  • Jana Juhásová. Od symbolu k latencii. Spirituálna téma a žáner v súčasnej slovenskej poézii. (Janka Kascakova)
  • Eagle Glassheim. Cleansing the Czechoslovak Borderlands: Migration, Environment, and Health in the Former Sudetenland (Tatjana Lichtenstein)
  • Christopher Ely. Underground Petersburg: Radical Populism, Urban Space, and the Tactics of Subversion in Reform-Era Russia (Katherine Bowers)
  • Beth Holmgren. Warsaw is My Country: The Story of Krystyna Bierzyńska 1928–1945 (Elwira M. Grossman)
  • Edith W. Clowes and Shelly Jarrett Bromberg, eds. Area Studies in the Global Age: Community, Place, Identity (Jonathan Larson)
  • Ellendea Proffer Teasley. Brodsky among Us: A Memoir (Marya Zeigler)
  • Katharine Hodgson, Joanne Shelton and Alexandra Smith, eds. Twentieth-century Russian Poetry: Reinventing the Canon (Ainsley Morse)
  • Konstantin Batyushkov. Writings from the Golden Age of Russian Poetry (Carrol F. Coates)
  • Alina Wyman. The Gift of Active Empathy: Scheler, Bakhtin, and Dostoevsky. (Irina Denischenko)
  • Andrei Platonov. Fourteen Little Red Huts and Other Plays (Clint Walker)
  • Birgit Beumers. Aleksandr Sokurov: Russian Ark (Diane Nemec Ignashev)
  • Joshua First. Sergei Paradjanov: Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Diane Nemec Ignashev)
  • Rosalind P. Blakesley. The Russian Canvas: Painting in Imperial Russia, 1757-1881 (John Ellison)
  • Gerard de Vries. Silent Love: The Annotation and Interpretation of Nabokov’s The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (Stephen H. Blackwell)
  • Jacob Emery. Alternative Kinships: Economy and Family in Russian Modernism (Anna A. Berman)
  • Arsenii Formakov. Gulag Letters (David J. Galloway)
  • Dagmar Gramshammer-Hohl, ed. Aging in Slavic Literatures. Essays in Literary Gerontology (Connor Doak)
  • Jillian Porter. Economies of Feeling: Russian Literature under Nicholas I (Olga Zolotareva)
  • Kateřina Bečková. Prague: The City and Its River. The Prague Series (Kirsten Lodge)
  • Tatiana Kuzmic. Adulterous Nations: Family Politics and National Anxiety in the European Novel (Devin McFadden)
  • Nina Perlina. Teksty-kartiny i ekfrazisy v romane Dostoevskogo “Idiot” (Denis A. Zhernokleyev)
  • Robert Looby. Censorship, Translation and English Language Fiction in People’s Poland (Andrea F. Bohlman)
  • Jason C. Vaughn. A Socio-Political Model of Lies in Russia: Putin against the Personal (Tetyana Shlikhar)
  • Susanne Fusso. Editing Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy: Mikhail Katkov and the Great Russian Novel (Lewis Bagby)
  • Polina Barskova. Besieged Leningrad: Aesthetic Responses to Urban Disaster (Emily D. Johnson)