Volume 62, Number 1 (Spring 2018)

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Forum 1:  Russian Philosophers on Symbol, Word, and Icon

(James P. Scanlan)

Forum 2:  Reading Kurtág, Reading with Kurtág: Musico-Literary Perspectives



  • Andrei Sinyavsky. Strolls with Pushkin (Jerome H. Katsell)
  • Andrew Donskov, ed. Tolstoy and Tolstaya: A Portrait of a Life in Letters (Michael Katz)
  • Nancy Perloff. Explodity:  Sound, Image, and Word in Russian Futurist Book Art (Jonathan Stone)
  • Duncan White.  Nabokov and His Books:  Between Late Modernism and the Literary Marketplace (Julian W. Connolly)
  • Marijeta Bozovic.  Nabokov’s Canon: From Onegin to Ada (Alexander Spektor)
  • Konstantin Andreevich Somov.  Dnevnik: 1917–1923 (Djamilia Nazyrova)
  • George Huppert. Comrade Huppert: A Poet in Stalin’s World (Anastasiia Belik)
  • Benjamin Paloff.  Lost in the Shadow of the Word:  Space, Time, and Freedom in Interwar Eastern Europe (Sarah Pratt)
  • Paolo Mancosu.  Inside the Zhivago Storm:  The Editorial Adventures of Pasternak’s Masterpiece (Elena Glazov-Corrigan)
  • Vladimir Aristov. What We Saw from This Mountain (Sibelan Forrester)
  • T. I. Afanas’eva, V. V. Kozak, A. N. Sobolev. Glagolicheskaia pis’mennost’ Zapadnykh Balkan X–XVI vekov: uchebno-metodicheskoe posobie (Julia Verkholantsev)
  • Tatyana V. Bakhmetyeva. Mother of the Church: Sofia Svechina, the Salon, and the Politics of Catholicism in Nineteenth-Century Russia and France (Gary Marker)
  • Dragana Obradović.  Writing the Yugoslav Wars:  Literature, Postmodernism, and the Ethics of Representation (Vladislav Beronja)
  • Gwido Zlatkes, Paweł Sowiński, and Ann M. Frenkel, ed. Duplicator Underground: The Independent Publishing Industry in Communist Poland, 1976–89 (Robert Looby)
  • Vladislav Vančura. Marketa Lazarová (C. M. Coppage)
  • Marat Grinberg, Aleksandr Askoldov: The Commissar (Marya Zeigler)
  • Olga Partan. The Commedia dell’Arte in the Russian Artistic Imagination (Evgeniya Koroleva)
  • Irina Sirotkina and Roger Smith.  The Sixth Sense of the Avant-Garde: Dance, Kinaesthesia and the Arts in Revolutionary Russia (Olga Seliazniova)
  • Margaret Beissinger, Speranţa Rădulescu and Anca Giurchescu, ed.  Manele in Romania: Cultural Expression and Meaning in Balkan Popular Music (Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn)
  • Sarah Badcock. A Prison without Walls: Eastern Siberian Exile in the Last Years of Tsarism (David J Galloway)
  • Matthew Romaniello and Tricia Starks, ed. Russian History through the Senses from 1700 to Present (Natalia Chernysheva)