Book Reviews


Note: Books sent to the SEEJ office at Ohio State will not be evaluated.
Only books sent to the SEEJ Editor for Book Reviews will be reviewed:

Michael Denner, Editor for Reviews, SEEJ
Professor and Director of Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies
Stetson University
Campus Box 8361
DeLand, FL 32720-3756

SEEJ keeps a regularly-updated list of books available for review here.If you see a title you would like to review, please email Michael Denner.

If you are an advanced graduate student, you are eligible to submit book reviews. Before submitting your review, however, we strongly encourage you to ask one of your professors to read over your review.

We ask that you respect the effort that went into the book under review by striving to be objective in your evaluation. The goal of a review is primarily informative, focusing mainly on the contributions of the given work. State as clearly as possible its argument, methodology, strengths and weaknesses, and identify the readership which might find it of value.

The Book Review Editor reserves the right to copy-edit all reviews. If any but minor editorial changes are made in a review, the reviewer will be given the opportunity to re-examine the edited version before it is typeset. You will be asked to proofread the typeset version of your review before it goes to press. The ultimate decision as to whether to publish a given review belongs to the SEEJ Editor.