Current Issue: Fall 2018 (62.3)


Forum: Viktor Pelevin, Then and Now

This issue of SEEJ features the first scholarly forum (in Russian or English) dedicated to Viktor Pelevin—arguably the most important writer in post-Soviet Russia. The articles here, by Sofya Khagi, Keith Livers, and Julia Vaingurt, arose out of a panel “Twenty Years after Chapaev and the Void” (ASEEES 2016). His 1996 novel Chapaev i pustota (translated into English as Buddha’s Little Finger or The Clay Machine Gun) brought the Pelevin phenomenon fully into the limelight. For masses of readers and critics, the novel represents not only the acme of Pelevin’s art, but one of the most remarkable books to appear on the literary scene since the dissolution of the USSR, a post-Soviet novel par excellence.

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